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Is There Anything More Fun Than Watching Truth or Dare Videos?

April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 220

There is one sort of video that pops up on YouTube all the time. The truth or dare videos mainly authored by teenage girls are in constant high popularity. You will see them all year long and they never get out of style.

Truth or dare is a game best played in groups and best played face to face. Now if it would be possible to bring together all those people who play Truth or Dare on YouTube in one place it would be one heck of a big party.

Unfortunately, not everyone who posts a video with the game as the title is actually playing the game. At least half of them are asking for inspiration and what challenges they should do. A simple internet search would help them, though.

Many dare ideas are only fun when done in groups. Dares that can be done alone are getting more interesting when you are doing a video. One good example for this one is the cinnamon challenge, which is easy to do and doesn't require any special preparation.

On video sites like YouTube, there is already some community. But it is not necessarily centered on Truth or Dare videos only, but all sorts of videos. High quality videos will make it to the top but that does not necessarily mean that all great dare videos are easy to find. Because you are distracted by all sort of other content, it's hard to find only Truth or Dare videos alone.

What's the best way to go if you only want to see people doing dares on video and nothing else?

In a community project to gather the best videos only around Truth or Dare, everyone wins. A responsive community of people who love to show each other on video is formed. Everyone can express and show off themselves to the world and to the public who are guaranteed to be interested in their videos. How often have you seen a good video which just does not get the attention on the internet it would normally deserve?

Many people don't have the time to create a website or a blog. But in such a community you can just reuse already existing Truth or Dare Videos.

How can you get a video promoted on the Truth or Dare Video section?

You can extract some code with the push on one button from any YouTube video that you like. It can be your own video or the video of someone else that you want to see on the blog site. Ideally, some text is written to the video: a comment, a rant or personal ideas to the video. When the whole page is published, the video has essentially been transformed into a blog post.

Since the video has been converted into its own blog post, the blog post can be promoted and can gain high popularity if it's well written. That way the YouTube video receives a boost and many more views and has a chance to become really popular.

The video post can be commented directly on each post and rated at the same time for quality. If it is rated, it will rise or sink in the list of Dare videos and the best videos will come out on top. Commenting the video post also promotes it on the search engines and ultimately supports the YouTube video itself.

If a YouTube video author wants to be successful, their videos should get as much exposure as possible. Our video blog post does exactly this - to the right people and the right visitors.

There is a great advantage to gather and promote YouTube dare videos.

  1. YouTube is the biggest video platform by far. The best videos will be found here.
  2. Everyone knows and uses YouTube, so there is no need to explain how it works to anyone.
  3. The content on YouTube is safe for work and also for children of all ages to see. Age restricted content is hidden behind a login and will not appear on a blog post for underage audience.

This way the nature of YouTube videos contain a pre-screened for quality and this makes sure that only appropriate truth or dare videos are promoted on video blog pages.

Our website, which is completely dedicated to the game Truth or Dare, has a growing sub-section centered on Truth or Dare videos alone. Next to the stories, the videos and the ideas for Truth or Dare are the most popular pages on our website. If you need Truth or Dare Questions and Dares, you will find hundreds of them for free already for you to get inspired and play the game in the most fun way possible.

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