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5 Ways Games Can Affect Your Social Life

February 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 157

With the following list I'll outline how society has been wrongly affected by games of our culture, they have ruined us, they've created something terrifying with their 'harmless' games. We are the next generation and we're abusing that fact. Some games however, the effect is more than others, kinda like...

5) Final Fantasy games

Upon initially waking up in the middle of the night to find my Dad sleeping on th couch with Playstation controller with Final Fantasy VII on the screen. I jumped at the chance to do something I'd never done before; play a video game. It was amazing. Immediately I was severely affected by social learning theory. I observed, I imitated.

The problem with playing Final Fantasy games is that it allows your life to be captured into a imaginary world that is severely better than yours. Even at the age of 18 I find myself wishing I was a crazy haired, sword wielding orphan destined to save the world.

How it affects your social life

After a 13 hour hardcore session of Final Fantasy, you don't just enjoy the characters you are playing as, you become them. It's 4am and you're standing in the mirror topless with the v05 in one hand and a broomstick in another. You're ready to fight Jecht, you're ready to go out to the world and proclaim that you are the saviour. Poverty? No problem, you have unlocked your firaga ability and rocking 999 Mana points. You're unstoppable... Until the next day when you turn up to work/school/nursery with hair like a crappy L'Oreal advert and a desire to 'rid the world of evil' by fighting all that stand in your way, resulting not only a possible prison sentence but those human beings you regarded as friends see you as 'that guy'.

4) Little big planet

Little big planet was a revolutionary idea with three simple words "Play, Create, Share". There's nothing more powerful than your imagination right? With that it can lead you to do wondrous things. You've created a house on Littlebigplanet, you're now a goddamn architect. Piano? Screw that, with Little big planet you can be the next Mozart with almost no musical knowledge. Because with Little big planet, you can create anything and you are God.

How it affects your social life

As it turns out, you're not really God, you're just a guy with a desire to turn your best friend's house into an obstacle course with a fight for his life. You've changed the concept of giving your friends a challenge to something straight out of Saw and turning their bedroom floor into a burning hellsite destined to cause pain is a sure way to land yourself in the bad books, and possibly jail. Also, on a side note, it is not a good idea to run in the bathroom of semi-acquaintances trying to collect all the bubbles for points while they bathe. Restraining orders are not fun.

3) Portal

The world was hit by storm when Valve created something different, a game that utilises things called portals which, in a heightened state of realism allows you to walk through one portal and out through the other side. It's wonderful. One portal above you, one portal below you is a recipe for endless fun with physics.

How it affects your social life

A key thing to note is that portals are not real. No matter how hard you try or how many holes you cut in your (now ex) girlfriend's wall, you are not going to be able pee through it into the toilet. It also doesn't look great if you turn up to someone's wedding day with what can only be described as bionic boots attaching to the back of your calves and start screaming when the groom and bride are about to cut the cake. It does not go down well.

2) Grand Theft Auto

Imagine having the ability to drive around in any car you want, kill people for any reason you want and literally do anything you want. With Grand Theft Auto you can do it all. Want to spend premium rates for a bit of hookydooky and kill the retailer to get your cash back? You can do that. Want to steal a helicopter, fly to the highest of highs a jump out without a parachute while feeling no real life pain when you plunge to your death knowing you can respawn anytime? GTA's got you covered on all fronts.

How it affects your social life

Picture this, you're at a birthday party, it's a bit of a mellow atmosphere, no one's really enjoying themselves and you're prepared to raise the liveliness of your fellow guests. How do you do this? With a fully automatic m4 carbine rifle of course. Pummel all those rounds deep into the so-called friends who only like you for being the 'lively one'. It sure will add some spice to the party and make it a night to remember. While you're on the go, start stealing their money might as well rack up the cash to pay for the respawn following the immediate lining of the room with c4 explosives, preparing yourself for detonation. I mean, a respawn is only $100, so why not?

1) Monopoly

For christmas I got the gift that everyone dreams of, the ability to build an empire, destroy your opponents and get out of jail for a reasonable price. All this to acquire one set goal: Pass go and result in profit. When playing Monopoly, friends become foes, dice become your car and free parking is a goddamn life saver.

How it affects your social life

The major problem with having an entire collection of properties and potential at your fingertips is how fierce you become. You just bought Mayfair and Park Lane, the world is now yours. Favours for a friend become full-time jobs with a salary. Money is your goal, it's now your life. That pound of sugar you lent to your neighbour a month ago, is now worth a field of gold. You're the next Alan Sugar. If anyone gets in your way, you crush them. This doesn't go down too well when your friends are in a somewhat financial problem and you're absolutely loaded because they stepped into your house.

And they say games affect your behaviour, bullshit.

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