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When Is Deadly Force Justified?

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 209

One of the top stories in mainstream media today has to do with the questionable act of deadly force among citizens. Common people, not law enforcement personnel, or other officials appointed to enforce the law.

Some people have been granted permission to carry firearms, others carry deadly firearms even without approval. There is no question, proper knowledge, adequate safety instructions, and common sense are very basic and necessary to carry a firearm. Proper training, and thorough background checks are a must. Some people should not be allowed to carry deadly and lethal weapons at all. One should research and determine if a firearm is the right thing for themselves, and their family.

According to training material to carry a handgun in the state of Tennessee.

  1. NEVER FIRE at a person who does not pose a lethal threat RIGHT NOW.
  2. NEVER FIRE at a FLEEING suspect.
  5. NEVER FIRE at or from a MOVING VEHICLE.

According to the good folks at RangeMaster Training Center, and in the state of Tennessee, before deadly force is LEGALLY justified. All four of these requirements must be met.

  1. Ability-The aggressor must have the means of causing you Death or serious bodily injury. Ordinarily, he must have a weapon capable of causing such damage, and you must be within useful range of that weapon
  2. Intent- The aggressor must show that he intends to cause you death or serious bodily injury. Intent can be stated, or it can be implied through such actions ( such as pointing a gun at you.)
  3. Imminent Jeopardy- Under the circumstances as they exist, you must reasonably believe that your life is in grave danger.
  4. Preclusion- Under the circumstances, you must have no acceptable alternative to the use of deadly force to save your life.

There is an account that we are aware of that happened in San Diego. A young Navy Seal was wounded after shooting himself in the head at his Pacific Beach home. The young man was trying to convince a visitor of his that the gun he was showing her was safe to handle, according to authorities.

The shooting left the young sailor on life support according to San Diego police. The serviceman had been drinking with a woman at a bar before they later went to his place. For some reason, he decided to show her his 9mm handgun when this incident occurred.

The man offered to let his friend hold the weapon, which he tragically and mistakenly thought was unloaded. According to the call, the woman refused to hold the pistol. When she refused, he tried to convince her that it was safe by putting the gun to his head and pulling the trigger.

A gun alone could not cause this tragic accident; however, there were several problems in this situation.

  • Drinking alcoholic beverages and handling a gun is not only a bad idea, its stupid.
  • Any gun should always be cleared, and checked carefully before administrative handling, or showing a friend.
  • Never point a gun at yourself, anyone, or anything that you don't intend to destroy
  • Never, Never, Never, pull the rigger unless you want the gun to fire.

When faced with a serious situation, and having to protect yourself: supplies such as the Taser C2 Gold Kit will stop your aggressor. What you want to accomplish is stop the aggressor.In police studies, the TASER C2 has a higher instant incapacitation rate than a 9mm hand gun.

Be prepared to protect yourself, your family, especially your children. Protect Yourself Supplies, gadgets, and security cameras are a part of our lives today. Your safety and security is our business.

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