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Measuring the Success of Your Training and Development Programmes With 360 Degree Feedback

April 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 161

The Holy Grail of the learning and development profession is being able to go to your boss and show exactly how much value your training or development programme has added, and whether people's performance has really improved as a result. This is particularly true with difficult-to-measure capabilities like leadership, management and change skills.

Evaluation sheets only give you part of the story - if someone is feeling good at the end of the course, they'll give the course a good score, but if they're tired and grumpy, it could easily go the other way. Happy sheets certainly don't give you the evidence you need to take to the CEO to prove the success of the training, or to justify the costs of more training,

That's where 360 Degree Feedback can really help, and here's how you can do it:

  1. Use 360 Degree Feedback as a way of clearly defining the skills and capabilities that will make a difference and improve the company's performance. Designing a robust 360 Degree Feedback is a brilliant way of really thinking through the key capabilities that the company needs, what they look like, and how they can be measured.
  2. Use the 360 Degree Feedback to measure the most successful teams, individuals or departments in the organisation - those who achieve the results that the company is looking for, including financial, quality, customer service and team-working goals. You can then modify your 360 to ensure it's focusing on and measuring the right skills.
  3. Running the 360 Degree Feedback for the rest of the company will then help you identify where the real training needs are. It will also provide a starting point for individuals and teams to understand their current level of skills in each critical area.
  4. Two, three or six months after the training, when you run the 360 Feedback again, it will provide you with powerful information about whether individuals and teams have improved, stayed the same, or got worse since they attended their training. This is because the 360 measures their performance as observed by their boss, their peers, their reports and even their customers. In areas like team working, management and customer service, it really is an excellent measure of progress after training.
  5. Further measurement can include comparing 360 results between the different groups who attended the training, breaking down the data based on regions, departments or roles, and checking if there are further training gaps that need to be filled.
  6. Another useful technique is to align staff Survey criteria and 360 results to further establish and measure the links between organisational performance and results.

Jo Ayoubi is a specialist consultant and designer of customised 360 Degree Feedback, assessment and performance appraisal.

For the past 10 years, Jo has designed 360 Degree Feedback and other assessments for companies including Fujitsu, Ernst & Young and RBS. She has worked with leading organisations in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia, supporting their leadership, management and talent programmes.

For more 360 Degree Feedback resources, go to the 360 Degree Feedback Resources page on her website.

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