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Select Geogrid for Environmentally Friendly, High Quality Ground Reinforcement

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 175

Geogrid ground reinforcement tiles are ideal for use on golf courses, driveways, paths, gateways and paddocks. The unique, durable tile provides a solid and level surface for both pedestrians and vehicles. The interlocking design on each tile allows a fast and efficient method for providing a strong, level surface.

Geogrid tiles have been designed and manufactured in the UK and were created with a high strength feature that can withstand 350 tonnes per square metre. The unique ground reinforcement solution can reduce both time and money as each tile can be quickly and easily installed. Geogrid tiles are also environmentally friendly as they are made from fully recyclable materials and they offer a completely safe ground solution for workers, the public and the environment.

Geogrid tiles are also ideal for areas that may be prone to flooding or drainage problems, as the unique design allows excellent water dispersion. Geogrid is a flexible solution. It can be used for either permanent or semi permanent ground reinforcement. Despite its extremely durable design, it is also incredibly light in weight, meaning your can handle and install each tile with ease.

Providing safety for both workers and the public is extremely important. Geogrid is non-slip and perfect for use during icy and rainy weather conditions.

Geogrid tiles can even be used on uneven grounds and areas with slopes and embankments. For designing car parks, marker block inserts can provide an additional useful option for easily marking out parking spaces, disabled areas or certain routes.

With the flexibility, ease and low cost of Geogrid tiles, this high quality temporary or permanent ground solution can be used at a wide range of events and construction sites. Regular Outdoor concerts, festivals and fates are becoming increasingly popular, however with no ground solution grass areas are often left with permanent damage, particularly when the grounds are muddy and wet. Geogrid tiles can be filled with grass or gravel, improving their appearance for high profiled events or locations such as golf courses, which require a permanent ground solution. Opting for a ground protecting tile such as Geogrid will ensure your event runs smoothly without damaging the grounds.

There are now several different types of ground protective matting. Geogrid is one of the only forms that ticks all the boxes with its low cost, efficiency and ease of installation.

For a high quality, low cost ground reinforcement solution, Geogrid tiles are the way forward.

Zigma Ground Solutions are world leaders in offering high quality ground protection solutions. Unlike other companies who offer protective tiles, the team at Zigma are designers, manufacturers and suppliers for all their ground solution products. Visit their website today to view their extensive range of temporary and permanent ground reinforcement solutions.Geogrid

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