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Buying A Wooden Garden Shed As A Hobby Room

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 145

Sheds are growing in popularity as unlike a house extension they do not cost thousands of pounds, nor in general do they need planning permission.

So putting it into the most basic of words, buying a shed is like buying a house extension, just at a fraction of the cost and without any of the planning permission problems. Indeed in some instances you can build a 16ft by 32ft shed without a planning application. Try that compared to building a house extension of the same size!

That said, clearly when installing such a large wooden building as described above then it would be foolish to buy and erect it without first checking if you did need planning permission. So if in doubt ask your local councils planning department, as planning regulations vary from area to area, with restrictions applying in areas of outstanding natural beauty, as an example.

A shed is ideal to buy for use as a hobby room, as with the walls being made of wood it is easy to fit shelves or staging anywhere that you want, meaning that they can provide a highly flexible working area.

The fact they are made of wood also means it is easy to have lighting and power installed anywhere that you want, although this will have to be done by a qualified electrician who will issue you with a certificate for the work. This is vital should you sell your house, or in the event of an insurance claim e.g. the structure burns down due to an electrical fault.

When running electric to your hobby room it is also essential an RCD (Residual Current Device) Breaker is installed covering all of the electrics within it. An RCD Breaker will save your life in the event of an electrical problem, cutting out the power and preventing electrocution. This is even more vital given you may well be working in it alone whilst your family may be out for the day.

A good shed supplier will offer the option to customize the size and location of the windows and doors of your shed, thus enabling you to maximise the use of natural light within the structure.

Should you have a lot of valuable items stored in your hobby room then a good supplier will also offer window bars and insurance standard locks for added security.

Overall using a shed as a hobby room will always work out to be far cheaper than building an extension, as they are cheap to buy, and can be erected by yourself.

Wooden Garden Sheds from the south east UK outdoor sectional building manufacturer, Ace Sheds. Providing wooden sheds along with various other outdoor buildings, from summer houses to timber garages.

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