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Proper Stall Setup

May 30, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 172

If you decide to keep your horse in a barn, you must make sure that the space is suitable for him. Most stalls are 10'x10' or 12'x12'. The bigger the space, the more comfortable your horse will be.

Most stalls are made out of wood, but some can be made out of cinderblock or brick. It is good to make sure that the stall is going to be weather-proof and suitable for all climates and seasons The stall should also be well ventilated with a window or some other way to allow good airflow, such as an open stall door with a guard.

When getting ready to set up your stall, it is a good thing to make sure that you have all the items necessary for your horse to be safe and comfortable. The items you will need include:

Stall mats Buckets Feed bin Salt block Hay rack Bedding Stall guard Stall toy Clips, hooks and a lock

There are no direct steps to follow, just make sure all the proper and needed items are accessible. You will need to set up the flooring for the stall. Some horse owners prefer just dirt and add a bedding of their choice, while others prefer to use stall mats. Stall mats are good for added comfort and support and they are also waterproof and make for easier stall cleaning. They also help keep the stall from getting bad odors.

Once you have the mats down, the next step would be adding the bedding. There are several options in which to choose from when considering bedding for your horse. You can use shavings, straw, shredded paper, or crushed rubber. The most commonly used types of bedding are shavings and straw. These items can be purchased at your local tack, feed or country supply store.

Now that the stall is bedded, you will need to hang the fixtures. You will also need the hardware for hanging up the items in the stall such as double ended snaps and screw eyes. You will also need to hang the fed bucket and the water bucket if you don't have automatic waterers. There are several styles of buckets to choose from. You might have to move the water bucket around if your horse is a messy eater and is always getting feed in his bucket.

Next is to hang the hayrack. You do not always have to use a hay rack in the stall. Some people use hay nets or just leave the hay in a corner of the stall. This is a personal preference, so choose what is best for you and your horse. Another thing that your horse may need in his stall is a salt block and holder. It is good to have a salt block. Salt blocks give the horse nutrients he needs and also make your horse drink more so he can stay more hydrated.

If your stall doesn't have an opening in the door for your friend to stick his head out, a stall guard might be a good idea. Allowing him to stick his head out and see what is going on will help keep him entertained while in his stall. If he is going to be in his stall for a good bit of the day or night, having some toys might also help to keep him occupied. These are good to keep his mind off of pacing, cribbing or any other stall vices that he may have. Once the inside of the stall is set up, you want to make sure that you have a good lock on your stall so your horse cannot escape. Make sure you pick a lock that your horse cannot play with and open with his mouth.

Having the stall set up properly will keep your horse safe, happy and comfortable. You do not have to have your stall set up just like the one described, but make sure you have all the necessities that he will need. Set the stall up to you and your horse's liking.

Emily Heggan is a senior at Rowan University majoring in journalism. She currently competes in the 3' hunters with her horse, General, and enjoys writing about equestrian topics like horse supplies.

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