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A Horse Lover's Holiday In Devon

June 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 227

There is something about a horse that is good for a man or woman and in fact children too. The special relationship that can bond between people and horses or ponies is quite unique as the rider and horse have to move as one. Anyone looking to spend their holiday with lots of equestrian based activities would do well to stay in the Northern Devon and Exmoor regions. There are many areas to stay in Devon and the types of accommodation can vary from camping to luxury north Devon B&B's or hotels. You can pre-book accommodation with months to spare or look for a great last minute bargain. Just be sure to check the full terms and conditions about your accommodation and that they are suitable to your party, things like parking, en-suits and food are not available at every north Devon B&B or hotel so make sure you have found somewhere to suit you.

The landscape itself is considered a natural beauty spot and Exmoor is a national park in the UK full of wild rare animals like the famous Exmoor pony which any horse enthusiast would enjoy seeing. There are also opportunities to ride at several riding schools as well as fishing and coastal paths to walk on to look for the rarer animals and plants.

The visitor's first opportunity to see the horses of Devon are at the racetracks. The two main courses in Devon are the National Hunt Exeter Racecourse, nestled in the beautiful Holdon Hills. The second opportunity is at the Newton Abbott Racecourse where summer show jumpers take centre stage from May to October.

Visitors looking to see horses in Devon have another wonderful opportunity at Bicton Arena where some of the best dressage horses and riders in the world compete. The arena features 116 stalls and five fenced grass areas full of horses.

Visitors looking to see unique horses in Devon should make sure to visit the Slade Horse Farm Donkey Sanctuary. There visitors will enjoy hiking the many trails that run through the farm, especially those trails that lead to the Poitou donkeys. Only 180 purebred Poitou donkeys with their shaggy coats exist in the world.

For the horse lover, no trip to Devon would be complete without a stop to see the Dartmoor Hill Ponies in the 368 square mile Dartmoor National Park. At the lower elevations of the national park live the classic Dartmoor Hill ponies of which there are about 1100. These darker coloured ponies are the largest of the Dartmoor Hill Ponies. As the elevation gets higher and the vegetation becomes less, you will enter the home of the Coloured Hill Ponies. Then at the highest elevation live the Shetland Dartmoor Hill Ponies of which there are only about 200. Together these Dortmoor Hill Ponies do the important job of keeping the gorse under control.

Visitors to Devon will also want to visit the Exmoor Pony Centre near the Exmoor National Park. There one will observe the breed closest to the original wild horses of Europe. Visitors will have the chance to take one hour to half day rides on these Exmoor ponies. Along the way observe the beauty of the area with its golden gorse, purple heather and rust coloured leaves. Visitors will also have the opportunity to hike the well maintained trails to see the beautiful Exmoor ponies grazing in their natural habitat.

The beautiful golden beaches of Exmouth are some of the prettiest in Europe. Explore them from the back of a donkey along with a group of friends.

If you have always wanted to learn to drive a carriage, you can have that opportunity at The National Trust at Arlington Court near Barnstaple. The facility also has an amazing carriage collection that is open to the public.

For further details on leisure and tourism in Devon and Exmoor, please visit Highcliffe House Hotel who are a North Devon B&B provider.

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