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The New Breed of Handicapper

November 11, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 187

The mere mention of thoroughbred handicapping usually conjures up an image of an older man with a hat perched atop his head and a cigar hanging from his mouth. He's at the track and standing along the rail. He stares through his binoculars as the horses enter the stretch. His horse, the one that his experience and skill tells him will win, is in fourth place and is charging hard. The favorite, a front-runner who has led this whole race, has a five length lead but is laboring hard to stay out front. As the long-shot charges into third, second and finally first place, the crowd is roaring with excitement. The old man, hardly moving, continues to watch quietly through his binoculars. Then the crowd groans in dismay as the long-shot draws away and beats the favorite by four lengths. The old man lowers his binoculars, bites down on his cigar and smiles. He has picked another winner that the majority has overlooked.

That's the impression that most people have of the classic handicapping. His methods haven't changed much since the early days of racing, and it has taken him years, sometimes decades, to hone the craft of handicapping horses. He is at every race and knows every horse. He talks to the trainers and the jockeys, and he is there every morning watching them workout. He knows which horse is running well and which horse is off his feed. Thoroughbred handicapping is his life. The classic handicapping is rarely found without his copy of the Daily Racing Form. The statistics found within are an essential part of his existence. Although he considers gut feeling and intuition important, he would be lost without this vital information.

The age of computers, however, has ushered in a new generation of handicapping. This new generation has less experience in handicapping horses, but they have equal or better results than their predecessors did. This tech-savvy generation not only uses the Daily Racing Form, but they make use of the Internet, streaming video and handicapping software in their thoroughbred handicapping efforts. The result is remarkable accuracy in their predictions while spending less time handicapping horses.

The computer age has made predicting winners possible for the average person. Once considered an art, thoroughbred handicapping is now a science. Handicapping software coupled with the information found on the Internet is ideally suited for the science of predicting winners. Handicapping no longer need to make horse racing their lives. Technology gives the average person time to be successful at home, work and at the track.

Some argue that the new generation handicapping isn't real. They say that it is the machine, rather than the person, who is doing the work. Yes, handicapping software is faster and more accurate than the classic handicapping. Also, the computer will point out horses that the public ignores, and those horses will win races. The final decision, however, still resides with a human. Computers and handicapping software are only tools. The real handicapping is still the human being.

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