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Classes of Horse Racing Fields

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 151

Distinct horse racing events are usually characterized by different racing fields. The field is the principal determinant of how grandiose or extensive a horse racing event may be. Horses that are similar or almost similar in performance, weight, sex, prizes won and even prize money, are put in one field. On the other hand, those with no experience or rather poor performances are also classified in one horse field. This is critical in ensuring equity and fairness in all race competitions. The classes of horse racing fields include;

Maiden fields

These are horses that have never participated in any race before. They are usually thoroughbred horses that are trained with the utter purpose of becoming future stakes and champions. These fields usually consist of a large number of horses who want to set out and start their long journey to fame. The maiden races are usually the first for these fields. The races give the fields a chance, where every horse can show its talent. They are also special fields for maidens with special weights. This ensures they are not eliminated from any race, and are given fair chances to compete with equivalents in the same field.

Intermediate fields

If a maiden horse showed a brilliant performance in the maiden races, then he can graduate to an intermediate field. These fields consist of horses that are of average performance. They may take part in claiming races or non selling races. Still in the intermediate fields, the horses are further classified based on their weights, sex, performance and age. This gives every horse a fair chance to compete against all its rivals.

Stakes fields

These are fields consisting of best performing horses- handicaps and stakes. They are fields of the best elite athletes, which have won in quite a number of races. These are usually horses which have climbed up the ladder from maidens, to intermediate level and finally to the stakes level. These are the fields on the racetracks of major horse racing events, which feature on OTB and the televisions. These fields are the ones that horse lovers are willing to spend a lot of money either to purchase them or just to see them race. Moreover, people are usually confident to place their bets on these horses in an anticipation of winning. These fields are usually divided to further subfields on the basis of performance, the titles won, the number of times won, the prize money in each case, the sex and the weight. There are the grade one fields, which are the crème de la crème of the society. Then follows the grade two field that are below grade one but are still exceptionally solid performers. Lastly there is the grade three, which are below grades one and two, but still have remarkable performance records.

It is essential to classify horses into distinct classes to ensure that each horse fits in a world of its own. It is vital to give all horses that sense of utter pride and that sense of belonging every time they are out for a race.

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