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Top Benefits Of Investing in A Newly Constructed Home Rather Than A Pre Owned Home

April 06, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 162

Purchasing a new home instead of a pre-owned one comes with various sizable benefits. In the current housing market, new houses are priced very competitively with pre-owned houses, so except for those people who want an address with some history or who want to be in a distinct neighborhood that doesn't have space for any newly constructed, most individuals will do better with choosing a new construction house.

A considerable benefit that new construction homes have over pre-owned is the warranty protection. Warranties are available when investing in a pre-owned house, but the protection is much more restricted in duration and scope as compared to the warranties on newly built houses. Warranties on newly built houses generally cover you for one year on basic finishing and appearance items, five years on appliances and other mechanical items, and ten years on structural items. With a pre-owned house, a conventional warranty is restricted to one year on the whole lot.

Power efficiency is an additional benefit of purchasing a newly built residence rather than a pre-owned residence. Residences built now are much more energy-efficient than residences constructed just a few years ago. Energy-efficient appliances and HVAC units in addition to improvements in insulation will generally save you sizable amounts of money on your monthly utilities, which will help offset the difference in mortgage payments between a newly built house and a pre-owned one.

New construction homes typically require less care and maintenance than older houses, and this further reduces your monthly costs. Advancements in exterior materials have resulted in homes that are more resistant to bugs and damage from the weather, and new inside finishes are holding up better to every day wear and tear. You'll have less hassles and expenditure when you have less to do to keep up your home and fewer repairs to complete.

More often than not is it possible to have at least some customizations done at little to no additional charge and you can get what you really want without having to endure significant remodeling. New home builders can usually give you several floor plan variations and will often have design studios with consultants to help you select the right finishes so you can make your residence truly your own.

One final benefit of newly constructed homes is that builders are often making some very nice features in their new developments that are typically not available in older neighborhoods. New neighborhood features such as multi-purpose sport courts, large well-equipped community centers, and even nature trails can add considerably to the convenience and your enjoyment of your surroundings.

Clearly, there are a considerable number of noteworthy advantages and benefits to purchasing a new construction house as compared to a pre owned one. Factoring in the reduced cost of utilities, superior warranty coverage, reduced care and upkeep, and better features and amenities, new construction homes provide a really great worth. Although new homes may have somewhat higher purchase costs, savings on utilities and reduced upkeep costs will frequently offset the higher initial cost in the long-run.

Jim Dunlap is a new home specialty realtor in San Antonio, Texas. For added information about investing in a new construction house, especially new construction houses in San Antonio, please take a look at the New Homes San Antonio introductory video, or contact him at his New Homes San Antonio website. You may also make contact with his office:

Realtor Jim Dunlap, 16719 Huebner Road Suite 4, San Antonio, TX 78248, (210) 394-5000

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