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Home Builders Breathe New Life Into Townhomes for Young Homebuyers

March 29, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 136

For a young professional, buying property for the first time is an important life decision as this may be his first major investment. For affordable living in the suburbs, townhomes made by expert home builders can offer these young professionals certain advantages over purchasing an apartment in the city.

Townhouses are often considered smart housing choices for young homebuyers as they are a compromise between a single detached family house and a condominium. This makes it possible for young professionals to still make a real estate investment without the heavy price of a single detached house. Aside from that, townhomes can offer a number of benefits similar to living in a condominium.

While townhouses are typically a row of homes sharing walls, there are now stylish homes that are semi-detached duplexes. These new dwellings developed by home builders offer more privacy and allow homeowners greater space to entertain guests or comfortably raise a small family.

One of the advantages of getting a townhome is the possibility of land ownership. Land ownership is possible depending on the community that occupies the townhomes. For most townhomes, though, ownership is much like in a condominium where it is limited to the space and common areas used. This condominium-like set-up is also beneficial for the family that has little time to maintain lawns or the home's fa├žade.

In addition, most townhomes are placed in upscale communities with amenities and recreational areas designed by the home builders. With the kind of lifestyle young professionals have, living in a community where they can relax and de-stress is definitely an advantage. Also, a townhome community can encourage healthy living with shared amenities such as a gym, a pool, a garden, or a tennis court.

Furthermore, since townhomes of any design offer close-knit communities, young professionals living alone can find greater security compared to detached homes where neighbors are distant. Neighbors living closer can also foster fast friendships for families with children looking to interact with others their age.

If the idea of living in a townhouse community doesn't seem appealing, it is worth noting that some home builders have developed more attractive ways to present these semi-shared spaces. Aside from the semi-detached duplex-style home, row houses become more comfortable with the addition of cozy porches that look like any detached dwelling.

A first real estate investment is a decision young professionals should give a lot of thought about. Investing in townhomes can be a practical choice while being a manifestation of success and progress in a career.

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