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Real Estate Professionals: Why Have a Stager on Your Team?

February 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 115

1. It can save you time. At your request a stager will meet with your client before the property is listed to do a consultation and explain what needs to be done to sell their house quickly. This frees up more of YOUR time for pursuing other leads, marketing, etc.

2. It can help increase your revenue. Statistics show that staging sells a house in about half the time and for more money than comparable unstaged houses. This means a lower possibility of a price reduction and less money spent on marketing the property....which means more money in YOUR pocket.

3. It can relieve you of the stress of telling your clients their house needs work. Sometimes this can become awkward, but stagers are experienced in handling such situations. Let them do the 'dirty work'!

4. It will help you achieve a great reputation as a REALTOR whose listings always show well.

5. It can ensure that your client's first impression is a WOW impression. There is only one chance to make that all important good first impression. Make sure your clients get it.

6. It can lead to referrals. Often, home owners who are having their home staged will ask the stager to recommend a good REALTOR. Of course they will recommend those that use their services.

7. Stagers take good quality photos after the house has been staged. They will usually provide them to the Realtor for the MLS/online listing....and because over 90% of buyers start their search for a property online, this is one of the most effective tools to pique the interest of the buyers to actually make that call to see the home. Don't make your listing the one that goes to the bottom of the heap in the buyers' minds. A sale could literally be just a click away!

8. The investment made in staging a home will almost certainly be less than the first price reduction, if you don't stage. For example, a $200,000 home is reduced by 5%-which is $10,000. Given that the general rule of thumb is that stagingfor three months should cost between 1-3% of the list this case $2000-$6000, the owner would save a minimum of $4000 and up to $8000. And if the house sells in the first or second month, there will be even more savings! That is not counting the savings in carrying costs AND the reduction of related stress.

Staging is just one tool that can be implemented to help sell homes on the market. If it is priced correctly, marketed effectively and staged beautifully, you will have a winning combination and the house WILL sell.

Cathy Tarrant is a Canadian Certified Professional Stager (CCSP) serving St. John's, NL, Canada. HOMESTYLING BY CATHY specializes in preparing homes for the market so that they sell quickly and for top dollar. Cathy will work within your budget and time line to help you meet that goal. HOMESTYLING BY CATHY is competitive in pricing and committed to a job well done. Call or email Cathy today to set up an appointment and check out her website

Phone: (709) 341-7115 Email:

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