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Things To Do When You Home School Your Child

March 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 83

The best of fun and education can both be had in home schooling. It is one of the many education solutions available for your child. Previously, HSLDA used to keep a list of colleges accepting homeschooled students. Now, however, many colleges take in homeschooled students. From working parents to primary teachers to stay-at-home dads, home schooling is sought by many as the preferred alternative to mainstream schooling.

Parents are finding it easier to homeschool their kid with the help of online resources available. A multitude of resource books and kits are available online helping parents homeschool their children successfully. Parents who are unhappy with the disciplinary problems in school are choosing to homeschool their kids too. Many parents think it not only allows them to spend more time with their kid but also makes the best use of his talents and potential by choosing the curriculum accordingly.

So, you decided to homeschool your kid. Now what? Here is a list of things you need to keep in mind:

a. Check your state laws. Some states require no notification from parents. On the other hand, some states like New York and North Dakota require parents have the highest regulations. You have to notify them. The curriculum is approved by the states too. Plus, you might be visited by state officials.

b. If you are required by state to keep grade records, you will have to do so. Print online templates of report cards. You might also need reports cards as colleges place importance on grades. Maintain a file of the report cards.

c. Keep detailed records of your child's progress. Not only will it help if your kid starts going back to school but will also ease the transition if you move to another state.

d. Go online. You will find state requirements and rules on a local or state group. You could also join support groups for home schooling parents. Their experiences might help you with the paperwork involved and in deciding how to set curriculum for your child.

e. See the state requirements for curriculum. Varying degrees of flexibility are allowed to parents for curriculum being taught, depending the state you live in. Some states will require inclusion of science, math, language arts, and civic studies or history. You can define your educational content as you want, as long as you devote some time to these subjects on a daily basis.

Get the help of an educational advocate. An educational consultant helps the family work out the curriculum to homeschool the kid. Educational consultants monitor child's progress and coach them. They develop educational plan according to the child's capabilities.

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