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Excellent Resource for Both Educators and Parents

April 20, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 191

Standardized testing is as much a part of school today as reading and math classes. Unfortunately, although most kids eventually learn to read and do the math necessary to carry them through life, many do not learn to take the tests that SHOW they have learned the reading and math. Whether parents and teachers like it or not, the student's ability to do well on standardized tests is increasingly important, and not only to the student. Teachers and schools are judged based on student test scores. Parents and teachers need help. Attack of the Chicken Nugget Man: A National Test Prep Adventure may be just the help they need.

Written specifically for the tests, Attack of the Chicken Nugget Man: A National Test Prep Adventure is available in a format geared towards national curriculum standards as well as some individual state tests. Aimed at grades 2-5, the book is a series of silly stories that will engage the students. The stories are followed by a set of questions similar to the ones found on standardized tests. These questions are written to directly correlate to specific standards such as "Grade 4 Reading Foundation Skills" or "Grade 2 Math Operations." There is a guide in the back to help the parent or teacher see which specific learning standard is addressed.

Why would this book work when other teaching aids are unsuccessful? There are a few reasons why this book might be a better choice. First, the stories are quite funny and will have the students wanting to read on to the next one. Secondly, the book is extremely well organized and quite easy for adults to navigate (even if they have little of no educational background). On just a couple of pages in the front of the book, the author CLEARLY outlines how to use the book. A third plus for this book is that it appears that the book would be equally helpful for use with a student who perhaps does not have trouble taking tests, but lags a little in basic concept development. In other words, this is not just a test prep book. It could also work as a booster for a student struggling with a specific concept-say Grade 3 Math, Measurement and Data or Grade 5 Speaking and Listening.

A last idea for the book's usefulness is that it spans four grades worth of material. So as a parent, suppose your child has just finished grade 3. Over the summer you could use the book to review the material for grades 2 and 3, but then in the spring, haul the book out for use with test preparations for grade 4. Or you might even want it during the year if your student hit a bump with a given concept-say fractions. While using the same stories with different objectives, it allows the student to realize actual growth in specific areas.

Overall, Attack of the Chicken Nugget Man: A National Test Prep Adventure by Kumar Sathy seems to be a nearly must have for teachers and parents alike.

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