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When It Comes To Carpet Cleaning, It Is Never One Solution Fits All

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 139

It can be amazing to see what a difference a clean carpet can make in a room. You may look at your carpet now and notice a few small stains or marks, but you probably don't realise just how much the colour of your carpet has been faded with grime, dirt and dust and how much it can be revived to the bright and vibrant colour it once was when you first fitted it.

Carpet cleaning can therefore really help to spruce up a room. Rather than spending money on a new carpet or even new decor, often giving a carpet a truly good clean can make all the difference that you need to get your home back in order and on top form.

However, too many people believe that cleaning a carpet is a one size fits all approach. The fact of the matter is that different types of carpets behave in different ways, and different types of stains and dirt require different approaches in order to really get the best results.

For example, for small liquid or oily stains such as salad dressing or fats from foods, you should always opt for a spot and stain remover. These spot and stain removers have the chemicals that will break down these tough stains quickly and it is always advised that you use them as quickly as possible before they really set into your carpet.

For stickier messes such as spilling engine oil or oily make-ups and so on, you would probably want to try using a specialised cleaning solution and then follow up with a machine clean to really make sure that the stain is completely picked up and removed for good.

Of course, if you have children or pets, then stains such as urine can be quite common and in this case you would want to use a stain remover aimed at these sorts of bodily fluid stains. They will often also include an odour eliminator so that not only the visual stain is removed, but also the stain that you can smell too!

These sorts of specific spot cleaners are always advised for the small marks and stains that are inevitable at some stage in your carpets life. However, once you have removed all these marks and stains, the best way to then really bring your entire carpet back to sparkling life is to use a full carpet machine to clean the entire carpet. This will clean, refresh and revive your entire carpet in general and it can be surprising just how much brighter it can make your carpet.

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Rug Doctor is the one stop shop to help you getting those carpets and rugs looking new again. Whether it is renting equipment or buying special cleaning solutions, Rug Doctor can help you clear stains, grime and dirt and get your home sparkling once again.

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