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What You Should Know About Security

April 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 107

There are basically four types on security. These are physical security, access control, surveillance systems and intrusion alarms. These four areas make up most of the security world. Understanding each of these areas and knowing how they can help you will allow you to better protect your business, facility or institution.

The first area is physical security. This starts at the most basic forms of security which are the doors and mechanical locks that prevent people from just going anywhere and entering secure areas. There are many types of doors for both interior and exterior applications and depending on the application ensuring a well-constructed door is the first step to good security practices. But in order to hold the door closed there needs to be some type of lock. Keys locks and basic mechanical push button locks are the most common types of security used to this day. These locks are inexpensive and depending on the lock can provide a good amount of safety and security. Using higher security locks that offer added security features such as restricted keys, and reinforced strikes are preferred when trying to increase your security.

The second is access control. Access Control can be a single point of access or thousands but it electronically restricts people from entering secured areas. Basic types of access control are keypads that provide PIN access codes to enter. The most common type of access control in today's market sn called proximity card access control. This is a credit card sized card that when held up to a reader (typically within 2 to 6 six inch away) the card transmits a secure code which is then determined by a security system whether access is allowed or not. Other types of access control technologies are smart cards. Smart Cards are very similar to proximity but the cards contain a much larger amount of information which can easily be changed by the security system or other systems that may interface with the card. This technology, over the last few years has begun to increase in popularity mainly due to the government's use of a Common Access Card or CAC which is a smart card. The most advanced type or access control is called biometrics. Biometrics utilizes human characteristics, such as fingerprint, hand print of facial recognition to determine who a person is and what access rights they have in a security system. This technology is somewhat expensive compared to proximity but many times is used in combination with proximity or smart cards for higher security areas.

The third area is surveillance systems or closed circuit television (CCTV) systems. This level of security uses cameras placed at strategic areas to capture video for live display and archived playback. There are many technologies used in today's camera surveillance systems, analog or cameras using coaxial cable or IP cameras which use Ethernet cable. The days of recording to standard tape are almost completely gone and have been replaced by digital video recorders (DVRs) and network video recorders (NVRs). The difference between the two is a digital video recorder is based on using analog coaxial cameras and a network video recorder using IP or network cameras. Some of today's recording system are taking advantage of both technologies and have been deemed "Hybrid" systems. These systems allow you to use both older legacy coaxial cameras and still being able to take advantage of the latest IP network cameras.

The fourth and final area of security is the intrusion alarm system or burglar alarm system. These systems are commonly used in both homes and businesses across the country. They can be relatively inexpensive depending on the size and functionality and provide a good quality level of security. These burglar alarm systems use different detection devices such as, motion sensors, door contacts, glass break sensors, and inputs switches such as panic buttons to detect an intruder. The signals from the devices are transmitted to a central control panel which then communicates to a central monitoring station. The central monitoring station is a location that receives the alarm signals from the control panel and then contacts the police, fire or emergency services and dispatches then to the location of the alarm.

These four areas of security are what make up a very large industry. These systems are used in homes, commercial locations and institutions to protect people, property and assets on a location. If you are looking to increase your security use these systems in combination to create a good security foundation.

Daniel Cogan is the president of Access Security Corp., a security firm that provides commercial and enterprise integrated security systems Access Security has been installing and services security systems for the Philadelphia metro area for over 38 years. Daniel Cogan personally has over 15 years experience in the design, installation, and servicing of surveillance camera systems both IP cameras and analog, as well as access control, and intrusion alarms.

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