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Home Security: Tech Solutions for Safer Homes

February 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 181

Surveillance systems that keep businesses safe can also help protect your home and family from theft and break-ins. When robbers target a house, the physical damage and loss is evident. However, what the robber takes from a family is also peace of mind and the feeling of security.

Innovations in home surveillance system have come a long way from wired alarms and motion detection light sensors. Representatives from security companies can now sit down and consult with you about your home or business safety requirements, and then advise you on the best package suited to your security needs. Installations are often free, depending on the package you choose. Maintenance is simple, and the security systems themselves are either wired or wireless and easy to operate. The price ranges for most security systems may vary depending on the products you choose; however, you will find a home security product to fit your budget.

In recent years, home security systems have become particularly sensitive to homeowner demands that ask for stylish products that blend with a home's exteriors or interiors. Camouflage installations, elegant and slim designs, and touchpad applications allow homeowners to choose attractive solutions for their home security concerns. If you are in the market for a reliable security system, you can shop around online and even receive instant quotes from companies that allow you to price compare. Your home or your workplace is where you spend time, meet people, and create memories. Isn't it fair to invest in some protection for your family or colleagues with the right security system and products? Let us take you through a few innovative security products that you should consider for the safety of your home or business.

CCTV Surveillance Cameras

What should you look for in a CCTV surveillance system? CCTV camera packages allow you to choose from a range of products that offer unique features such as motion detection, night vision sensors, storage features and even additional storage that you can buy. With the advent of smart phone users, CCTV cameras also offer remote access assistance and viewing from WAN/LAN computers or from your smart phone connected to the surveillance system. As you move up in price point, you can also buy CCTV with features such as optical zoom, camera features like pan, tilt, rotate, scan, and zoom, built-in microphones for voice recording, voice recognition software, 360 degree viewing, and additional viewing network lines.

Waterproof features for CCTV cameras mounted on house roofs or exterior installations will lengthen the life of your home security product. Some CCTV packages may also feature smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, and trigger alarm systems for homes. Camera and monitor resolutions determine the picture quality and the price of the CCTV package. DVR storage capacities vary from a few hundred gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes and more.

The kind of CCTV package you choose will depend on its use and your needs. It is best to ask a professional home surveillance company about different products, reliability, performance in bad weather, and power outage issues. You can also talk to them about the product's warranty and whether you can buy additional warranty. You can also mix and match various CCTV products by shopping online. Many of these products are easy to install and can be a handy DIY project for the weekend.

Fingerprint Locks

Whether you want to limit or restrict access to your home or keep a tab on the people who enter your premises, the fingerprint lock system provides an easy, stylish access to your home or work place. Moreover, you will never have to worry about misplacing your keys again. The lock system allows you to register a certain number of people in the lock registration system complete with finger imprint recognition. Finger activated systems maybe extended to long stay guests or house help, so that they can access your home without disturbing you. For families with latch key kids, fingerprint locks act as a safe and secure access for your children and you do not have to fear unwanted intrusions while they are alone at home. Fingerprint locks are the perfect accessory for garage doors, single unit homes, and for access to homes in gated communities. Most fingerprint locks are available in durable alloy finishes and may be selected to match wooden doors, color surfaces, or other metallic finishes.

When shopping for fingerprint access control, you can opt for additional features such as LCD display, increased user capacity, scratch proof and moisture proof sensors, additional deadbolts, burglar alarms, automatic locking, and remote control access. Fingerprint locks maybe connected to digital systems to provide entry and exit logs and some products may offer features that allow fingerprint, pin code, or card access. Usually, all fingerprint access control products come pre-installed with software to monitor the access record. Heavy-duty sensors and multiple transactions make fingerprint access control an exceptional value for businesses as well. While the compact design makes it attractive, USB or network enabling features and versatile interfaces provide more flexibility in customizing security data.

Digital Locks

Want a secure product for home at an economic price tag. Digital lock systems are safe and reliable. Their user-friendly interface is simple to use for children and adults alike. The password protect features may allow you to access the home through key, pin, password, or card systems. Some systems may include additional deadbolt locking or double claw bolt locking for added protection. Digital locks are available in both auto and manual lock systems. Other unique features can include backlit displays, touch screens, burglar alarm systems, or remote control access. Apart from keyless entry benefits, digital locks also allow homeowners to use this lock system on garage doors, vehicles, or even traditional safes to deter break-ins. Fire detection and vandal proof features are also available in digital lock systems. Look for weatherproof features and wear resistant, high quality, durable keypads when shopping for digital locks.

Keypad Access Control

Keypad access control allows you access to your home with the convenience and touch of a few buttons. The system maybe programmed to work either via card or pin access. Features include LCD displays, multiple card users, stand-alone systems, or network-enabled products. Easy programming makes these products effective for home use, and the compact design makes it a great lifestyle choice for either your home or workspace. Prices for keypad access control may range from under USD $850 to over USD $1800, depending on the product and its unique features.

Card Access Control

Card access control provides similar features with compact design, easy programming functions, smart card access, and network enabled or stand alone systems. Card access control systems come pre-installed with software to monitor access records. Inbuilt tracking software allows homeowners and business to maintain records of people entering or exiting the premises.

Attendance Systems

Apart from homes, individuals who work out of homes or have established small businesses or home offices may also find security innovations such as time attendance systems and fingerprint time attendance systems useful products. Not only do they allow monitoring of access codes and times, they are also useful tracking devices for payments based on work hours. Fingerprint time recorders eliminate the unethical practice of 'buddy punching'. Time attendance recorders may work on fingerprint or pin access. With heavy-duty sensors, multiple user capacity, and in built report software, time attendance recorders can track, record, and export data.

There are multiple home security options and you can use different combinations to suit your needs or purchase a package that provides you with a secure house. Investing in a home surveillance or security system makes you less vulnerable to armed robbery or burglary. Moreover, with the hundreds of choices in the security market, a safe shelter for your family does not have to come at a high premium.

Home and small business security systems in Singapore are gaining considerable popularity. With this increased awareness, more and more people are opting for complete security systems in order to protect their property and their families.

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