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Painting a Garage Floor

June 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 163

To some it is just a utilitarian space, but for many the garage is the first part of the house they see when they get home. The front entrance of a house is often very inviting with a beautiful door and manicured landscaping; however, most homeowners with a garage rarely enter or exit through the front entryway. For convenience's sake, homeowners drive into the garage and then enter the home directly from there.

Have a Finished Feel

While the garage is often a place to keep the cars and perhaps some lawn care items, it truly is a part of the interior of a home. Many garage spaces are even climate controlled like the rest of the home's interior. When the floors get dirty with spots from automotive fluids and debris, this space becomes unappealing, even if one is not spending a great deal of time there. A garage floor that is painted gives the space a finished feeling and the quality of the home then extends from the more attractive spaces into even this utilitarian space.

Stay Cleaner

When a finished floor inside the house gets dirty, it is noticed right away. There becomes a sense of urgency and routine involved in making sure it is cleaned. The same applies to a painted garage floor. When the floor looks nice and finished, people are more likely to keep up with the cleanliness. Keeping up with the cleaning of the floor means avoiding the lengthy and involved clean up days that often spoil a weekend once the dirt and grime has built up. Plus, clean up is a snap because a properly painted garage floor will also include a sealer coating that will cause oil or any other fluids to bead on the surface for easy clean up rather than allowing them to soak into the porous unfinished concrete.

DIY Garage Floor Painting

Unfortunately, having beautiful finished garage floors is not as simple as applying a coat of paint. Standard latex paint will not stand up to the hot vehicle tires and other abuse that a garage floor will normally have to endure. The concrete must first be prepared, which often includes an acid washing process that is essential to promote adhesion. Most garage floor paints available at home improvement stores have been found to return poor results, and the necessary multiple coatings get very expensive.

Get Your Money's Worth, Hire a Professional Painter

The quote that comes from a professional painter in your area may seem high at first, but if it comes with a guarantee, it will be cheaper in the long run. Most DIY garage floor coatings and garage floor sealers are very expensive, and require re-coating on a regular basis. The prep work involved is time consuming, and if it is not done exactly right the garage floor coating will likely be ruined the first time a car is driven on it.

Instead of wasting precious weekends trying to save a few bucks, turn the garage floor project over to a professional painter and enjoy yourself.

The Atlanta Painting Company is an award-winning full service painting company specializing in home improvements for residential homeowners and commercial businesses. They offer quality and courteous service from professional Atlanta painters to clients in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding metro area.

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