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Homeopathy for Real Life: What Can I Do When I've Overdone It?

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 146

We've all been there. We were feeling festive, restive, or something else intense, and we had too much. It might have been too much wine, cream sauce, or even something that seemed like a healthy idea at the time, like too much exercise. Too much never feels good afterward.

In this article we're going to look at some simple, effective helps for these situations, especially homeopathic remedies. After all, to err is human but so is getting away with it to a certain extent.

First we'll look at one of the most common excesses in our culture, too much alcohol. The headache, the nausea, blech: Much of the symptoms of a hangover are due to dehydration. So after a night on the town or a birthday celebration when you didn't show your usual restraint, make sure to drink lots and lots of water before you finally go to bed. Follow that with a single pellet of the homeopathic remedy Nux vomica 30c, and you'll be the better for it in the morning.

Nux is available at almost all health food stores and can be a real hero the morning after. This homeopathic remedy can improve many symptoms, including feeling "thick headed", oversensitive to light and sound, feeling emotionally irritable and nauseous.

"But how much water should I drink," you say? Take your body weight in pounds. Drinking that many ounces of pure water every day is a healthy goal. So go for at least that much. A healthy electrolyte drink can be a good idea, too. If it has corn syrup, sucralose, or Nutrasweet in it, it's not a healthy electrolyte drink. Also, skip the morning coffee as it is dehydrating.

If you are still feeling bad after all this, you can dissolve another pellet of Nux into a water bottle and sip on it whenever you start feeling ill, giving the water bottle a few shakes between sips.

Of course, Nux is not something that you should not be using every weekend or even close. You already know this. Long-term overindulgence in alcohol is a literal killer. So use your head. The people who love you will thank you, and there are likely to be a more of that kind of people if you do.

While homeopathics are actually used sometimes as part of treatment in forward-thinking rehab programs, that's an article for another day. The average social drinker may be very glad indeed to have Nux vomica on hand every once in a while. Minimizing suffering is very nice thing.


On to the next delight: too much rich food! How this feels in your body can be a little different depending on your particular genetics and strength of digestion. However, if it's cream sauce or other fatty, rich foods in which you've bathed your innards, the first remedy to consider is Pulsatilla nigricans 30c. The symptoms which Pulsatilla can help are a hard, swollen belly, revolting burps, and indigestion where it feels like there's a rock in there, possibly with stomach cramps and/or nausea.

Another homeopathic to consider for overindulgence is Calcarea carbonica. A bloated belly with rumbling sounds and heartburn, perhaps with nausea and/or a feeling of looming diarrhea can be helped by a dose of Calc carb 6c. After your first dose, if you feel relief then you can take another if symptoms become worse again.

Nux vomica 30c can also be helpful for overeating or when foods disagree with you. Relevant symptoms include a sensation of weight and pain in the stomach and the feeling that if you could just vomit you would feel better. If that's what you've got going on, Nux may help a lot.

If you get no relief from a homeopathic remedy after giving it a few tries (no more than three) then it's not the right remedy. You should consider another. This is a good general rule whenever working with homeopathic remedies on your own.

Another big help can be digestive enzymes. The little beauties go to work digesting your food for you when the digestive powers of your body are not enough, and you get to absorb all the nutrition as if your body did the work itself.

Quality varies a lot in this type of product, and many of the brands available in stores do little good. However, if you've got some BioSET © enzymes (my favorite, but available only through health professionals) or another good brand of enzymes with lipase/amylase/protease, you should take a dose as soon as you realize your body is going to need some help with that special occasion dinner.

You must know that chronic, recurring indigestion is different from a belly ache after the occasional overindulgence. A recurring problem like that means that your body needs some attention. Particularly if you have severe, chronic heartburn, you should be checked out by your MD to rule out serious health problems. However, for the vast majority of people that's not what is going on.

For some folks the underlying issue might be a food sensitivity, like wheat or dairy intolerance. It could also be an inability to process fats, proteins, carbs or even particular nutritional components like B vitamins. Sometimes chronic indigestion or heartburn can be traced to an emotional issue, such as grief or fear that hasn't been fully processed.

A Certified BioSET practitioner can help you to resolve these kinds of problems without needles or drugs. BioSET integrates traditional Chinese medicine and acupressure together with homeopathy and contemporary approaches to applied immunology and nutrition. The BioSET System employs three basic treatments:

Organ-specific detoxificationEnzyme therapyDesensitization.

Left alone, chronic indigestion can lead to inflammation of the digestive tract and other body tissues. This is bad news over the long haul, because chronic inflammation is linked to depression, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and pretty much all the big killers in the Western world. However, there's no need to wait until things get serious to get some help.


Even if you never overindulge in food or drink, you might be causing yourself some occasional pain with this vice: exercising too much. Yes, it's a vice, and maybe you even know what it feels like. After a weekend of active fun or training for your next big event, you could be sore until at least Wednesday. Your pushed-to-the-limit body can benefit from the right homeopathic remedies.

The number one remedy to consider after over-exercise is Arnica montana 30c. That's because it reduces pain and speeds healing from trauma and inflammation. Particularly, it seems to speed absorption of blood and body fluids from bruising and micro-tears. If you have strained muscles, and it hurts if you try get up and use those muscles again, Arnica is for you. Even better, if you take Arnica immediately after your extreme exercise you may be able to avoid the sore muscles all together.

Arnica is also helpful when you've experienced sudden impact with an immobile object, for example, a tree or the corner of the coffee table. If you have reason to suspect a bone fracture after such an event, of course, you should see your doctor or go to the hospital right away.

Arnica is familiar to some people as a healing herb used in ointments. These ointments are helpful if you've got a relatively small spot that is swollen or bruised. It's a bit trickier to get good results if you're sore all over, or the bruising or micro-tears are deep.

Most people find it easier and more effective to simply pop a tiny pellet of homeopathically prepared Arnica into their mouths and let it dissolve. The homeopathic preparation process actually changes the way that the medicine works, making it both gentler and deeper acting in the body.

Arnica will be less helpful if your weekend warrior session leads to injured or strained tendons and cartilage. The remedy to consider first for these is Ruta graveolens. Pain with our without numbness that feels sprained and weak are symptoms that Ruta can often help. That's why Ruta has so many fans among athletes.

For a true sprain with swelling and heat around the joint, Arnica and Ruta should be used one after the other to speed healing and reduce pain. If you want to use ice, too, that's fine. But it is usually not necessary if you take the homeopathic remedies very soon after injury.

Even with the right homeopathics and smart self care, you will still have to rest and recover for a while. There's no substitute for that.. Trying to return to intense physical activity before your body is ready never goes well in the long run. However, homeopathy can usually get you back on your feet, your bicycle, or your skis a lot faster than you could otherwise, giving your more time for good times.

Amber Currie is a certified homeopath and BioSET practitioner who lives in Loveland, Colorado, USA. She consults with clients locally and around the country to guide them in using homeopathy to help themselves feel better for more of the time. Her areas of special interest include hormone balancing, food and environmental sensitivity, and chronic exhaustion/depression. For more information: 970-412-7777

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