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Brewing Your Own Beer - What You Need

January 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 138

You'd be surprised what equipment you might already have to begin brewing beer out of your own home. Some people like to go out and get everything new. Others like me, we like to salvage what we can get our hands on before we absolutely have to purchase anything.

When you are brewing your first batch, you'll want to get organized and have everything at your disposal ready to go. The experts begin their boil and then they grab things as they need them. But, I want you to be absolutely ready so that you don't mess up your first batch of beer.

Pots Two five gallon pots make a perfect start. You don't need five gallon pots. You don't need to have two of them. But, it would be nice if you did. That way, you can make yourself a batch worthy of enjoying and sharing. Some people start with two gallons and that's fine as well. It's just a good bit of work to make two gallons when it will be finished off pretty fast. The logic is that the more you make doesn't require that much more time. It's still going to be a few weeks before the batch is ready to be bottled. So if it's going to take that much time anyway, might as well make a good, healthy batch of beer.

Buckets Five gallon buckets are perfect for fermenting. You'll need to transfer the primary into the secondary, so having two is advisable. You'll need to tap the first bucket and install an airlock, unless you get a beer brewing kit that already has a bucket with an airlock.

The second bucket will bring the beer the rest of the way in fermentation. So, it will need a spigot for pouring the beer into bottles. You'll also need to make that unless, of course you have found a beer brewing kit that already has one.

Strainer You'll need a strainer several times through the brewing process. Some people use other tricks though. They'll put their extracts in pantyhose or cheesecloth so that the extract is easy to remove from the boil. Not a bad idea to have a strainer anyway. Scoop up the extract with ease and remove it even though you are still using pantyhose or cheesecloth.

Hydrometer You won't need a hydrometer. It won't change the way the beer tastes or how much alcohol by volume you make. But, it's nice to have a hydrometer so that you can get a gravity read before and after. Do the calculations and you know how much alcohol by volume is in your beer.

Additional Accessories Sometimes, you might need a rolling pin from crushing your grain. A long spoon can help you stir your brew when you are mixing different flavors and trying to experiment. Of course, you want bottles and caps so that you can offer your brew to others. Having plastic bottles with screw on lids is fine. But if you get good and want to start spreading your wings, the glass bottle that you cap yourself is the way to go.

As you get better at brewing, you can learn what you need and what you don't need. All great brewers have their own way. They develop their own style brew after brew. So, don't be afraid to stretch your wings and enjoy the art of brewing beer.

Stan Schubridge is the spokesperson for Beertaps, he's a beer enthusiast who has a knack for getting involved in building home bars for his friends and learning more about brewing great tasting beer. From extravagant bars to the most unique bar designs, Stan has either seen it, done it or given it a try. As far as brewing beer, his ideology is that if you have a home bar have a home brew. Learn your taste and chase it! Beertaps

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