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Things We Are Forced to Overhear

April 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 132

Deciding to forsake the noise of the city and have a quiet lunch in the countryside, we set off for one of our favourite garden cafes, situated about forty km. away. This little café contains a little shop full of mouth-watering homemade goodies, some tables and chairs set out under umbrellas in a very pretty garden and a garage for petrol, if the tank is a little low. It is laid back, and does not take credit or debit cards, only cash.

A simple menu is available for patrons to make a selection of what they feel like ordering to eat and the food arrives well prepared and presented. Four cats there have made it their home, and if you allow, will help you eat your meal as well!

We arrived, settled comfortably to relax and enjoy the quiet and peace, and unfortunately for us, so did a family of four and their grandmother who had apparently come down to spend a holiday with her offspring. However, we were forced to bid our tranquility farewell, as grandma had verbal diarrhoea; she did not stop talking for one minute, even continuing to sprout forth while she ate her pie and salad. A further calamity occurred when grandson, Timothy or Thomas, I never ascertained which one was which, dropped and broke his cool drink glass.

We were entertained with the full details of her flight and the trouble she had finding her way around the airport, the difficulty of getting out of the car parking area and how she wanted to spend her time, while in this part of the world. Upon bidding her family goodbye, she was then off to Hong Kong, a place she had visited before, so further details of this very busy city became revealed in minute detail.

It was impossible for us to try to chat - we might miss something of interest. So we just sat quietly munching our meal and hoping that it would not be too long before they would leave, which eventually they did, and not a minute too soon!

We ordered coffee, which we sipped, while enjoying the delightful ambience of the little birds and butterflies that were about, together with the cats, in warmth of the late summer sunshine.

With all the times that we have paid this garden café a visit, this was indeed the first time that we have encountered a headache of this nature. Because, that is what it was, a drone to hurt the head. People, should listen to themselves sometimes, they would become most embarrassed.

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