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Reiki Helps You Find the Passion of Your Life

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 204

Do you know what your passion or life purpose is?

Many people do not know and so wander aimlessly through life moving from one thing to another, without any clear direction.

If a ship does not set a direction, it goes where the water takes it. This means if a rock approaches, then the chances are it will hit it head on.

So why do we need a purpose in life?

Life is a precious treasure.Each day we live, we use one day of our life allowance up.

It's like looking at an egg timer. The sand that has dropped to the bottom is the life that we have used. The question is how much sand is left in the top of the egg timer still to be used? The answer is simple - we do not know! The next grain of sand to pass through may be the last.

So treat each day as if it is more precious that the day that just went by.

So question your life and what you have done today.

Really question if you have done something meaningful for yourself and others? OK we all have the boring routine, mundane things to take care of, but these are not life!

What makes your heart sing and where is your passion? Passion is your guide to what you should do with life.

Each day we spend time doing things- so we are spending our life! We must create something, else we are spending for nothing.

So how can Reiki help?

A number of years ago, when I discovered Reiki, it was literally like my eyes had taken a bath and the world took on new meaning and I saw through new eyes.

I realised that Reiki was a path I could walk on which would bring me deep joy and happiness.

I decided to follow my heart and to let JOY be my inner guiding light.

I studied Reiki all the way to Master level and in addition went on a spiritual journey to understand more about myself through meditation and contemplation. I met many great teachers, the most influential being Vikas Malkani.

I realised that it's never at the beginning of a journey that you can see the complete path....its revealed as you walk. So I just took the first step...then the second and then the third.....then more and more.

Now I teach Reiki all over the world and also teach teachers of Reiki, so the word can spread more and more.

Reiki is my passion and is my life!

So what is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word for describing the Universal life force energy. We often refer to it as Qi.

It is the unseen energy that is always around us and always has an influence on us.

It is the same energy that makes the plants grow, the winds blow and the tides flow. In fact it is everywhere and in everything around you. Reiki is a simple technique for harnessing this energy and using it to bring healing to the mind, body and emotions.

Reiki also guides you to a way of living life that is more in balance. It allows you to see how your thoughts, emotions and actions affect you in life.

Reiki gives you a feeling of happiness and inner joy and gives you the confidence and ability to see the world through different eyes. In addition y you then start to see and realise what the real purpose of life is all about.

After all a life without a direction is a life wasted.

Reiki helps you find that something that you can walk towards and achieve or create.

So how does this help me, the reader?

If you are searching for life meaning and purpose, then watch for the signs in the Universe. It is not a coincidence that you are reading this article at this moment in your life.

Take a step and do something that just feels right and then wait and see what the second step should be.....This way you eventually are guided to something that brings you deep joy and peace....almost like returning home to love!

I am happy to connect with readers if they need more advice and guidance

In the meantime I send you my love and gratitude


Sally Forrest is the Managing Director of SoulCentre Academy in Singapore

She is a Reiki Master and Teacher and also has a passion for Feng Shui. She is fascinated by how the external energies of buildings and surroundings affect our inner energies and moods.

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