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The Joy of Pond Hockey

March 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 158

The purest moment of life was waking up to the feeling of the cold seeping through the walls and the tiny cracks in the windows, knowing it was time. Rising from bed stretching off the long nights slumber slowly moving to the window seeing a majestic view of the frozen water. The glorious view is unmeasurable to any other sight in the world. Seeing the clear winter sky with the sun rising over the horizon shinning on the ice. I sometimes wonder if anyone else could feel this joy about smooth black ice across a frozen lake.

Ice so nice you almost want to keep it untouched because its too amazing. Looking out your window on those days are the moments in life you remember and wish to go back to. Then quickly catching yourself looking at it in awe you realize its not a dream, its real and its all yours. After throwing on your team sweats and a nice tuque you go into the frozen garage grabbing your skates and twig. Heading out the door your engulfed by the morning freeze. The air that cools deep in your lungs and takes the breath right out. Walking down to pond level you finally see the greatest sight you have ever seen.

The frozen pond has no flaws. No snow to shovel, no hazards to fix, just one thing to do, skate it. As you lace'em up eager to skate, you get a call from a your best bud, "Hey is it ready?" You smile and try to say yeah but he already knows and hangs up before you can respond. Then your finally set, you make the first step on the ice hesitating to make a full stride because you never know about falling in, because you remember that one time. But its just right, you blast off with your first stride going full speed across the lake. All you hear is the saturday morning silence of the neighborhood and the crunching of your steel gliding across the ice. The kind of crunching you only here on the pond, not in an ice arena. Skating across the ice you feel the cold wind streaming off your face and your heart pumping.

This is the feeling of pure beauty on the pond and nothing else matters except the moment your in right then. That's Pure As Pond Ice, you can be anyone you want, with the freedom to play as you wish. The pond is an endless rink where you can send a perfect saucer to the other side or raise the cup like your favorite pro. No limits, no boards to contain you and no pressure of coaches or statistics. Just you and the game, the game you love. After a good solo skate and some nice snipes your bud shows up and more follow. Throw the sticks in the middle, pick the rules and go at it. Playing through the afternoon, till sweat freezes around your hat. Till your skates feel like they somehow became a part of your body and your toes feel like one. After hundreds of dangles, diggers, laughs, snipes and pond games your exhausted.

The sun sets across the lake as you head into the warm house knowing your time was well spent. After taking off your skates you feel your toes thawing out and you cringe in pain, but at the same time its a pain of accomplishment. Go Grab yourself some sauce, grub, then indulge cause you just spent the day playing the best game in the world and you love it. Cheers to pond hockey!

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