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Stickhandling Creativity Gone

March 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 173

Is stickhandling creativity gone?

The definitive answer to the question; is stickhandling creativity gone can be found in the ever-increasing number of NHL games that are decided by the quick hands of players during a shootout. When the average game only allows for each player to touch the puck for a few minutes, it is important to work on your off ice stickhandling drills behind the scenes and increasing your success at quick and accurate movements with your hands.

Great stickhandling starts by holding your stick with soft hands to let you absorb the puck and cradle it when receiving passes. When you carry the puck with this grip, free of tension, you will improve your passing, shooting and scoring skills. If the stick is held too tightly, the puck will simply bounce off. To improve your hockey hands start by cupping the puck into the blade on your forehand and then, by rolling your wrists, move it to the back of the blade on your backhand. Make this move back and forth as gently as if the puck is an egg, while moving your feet forward, backward and sideways. If you keep your head up and use your peripheral vision on the puck when working these off ice stickhandling drills you can be more aware of all players around you to make more accurate passes to teammates who are open.

Great heads up stickhandling will also help you protect the puck from an opposing player when he is trying to take it from you or recognize an opportunity to beat the goalie on a quality scoring chance. So if you wonder if stickhandling creative is gone then look no further than the many hockey stickhandling aids to use with your off ice stickhandling drills and will improve your stickhandling skills. Among them are several types of stickhandling balls and the stickhandling snake.

Stickhandling balls

As an alternative to the expense of ice time and during the off season when ice is not available, a stickhandling ball can be used as an off ice training tool to develop your hand-eye coordination. Using the wooden Swedish stickhandling ball teaches players the feel of the puck while the weight of the steel hockey ball will build a player's strength. Both of these hockey stickhandling aids will develop your ability to learn the feel of the puck on the end of his stick without looking down. This will, in turn improve your stickhandling speed and dexterity. Swedish wooden stickhandling balls are slightly larger than a golf ball, but much lighter and without the bounce. Because they are lightweight, they move as fast as your hands do which will only prove to be a good thing once you get faster. Hockey steel ballsweigh nearly a pound and a half, the same as about four pucks so if you are trying to get used to feeling the puck on the end of your stick without looking down. This stickhandling ball is perfect for practicingslow, deliberate movements. The weight of the steel ball will build your forearm strength and make you a force to be reckoned with for opponents trying to take the puck from you.

Stickhandling Snake

The 10' long, stickhandling snake is the most versatile and longest training device for use in turning your stickhandling skill into a creative art. This one of a kind hockey training aid is expandable and will allow users to completely customize their stickhandling training routine both on and off the ice. Each of the supporting curved parts can be bent into configurations that will challenge any player regardless of their abilities. Use the height of the stickhandling snake to practice raising the puck by passing from your forehand to your backhand over top of the training aid instead of underneath it. Use these and the many more hockey stickhandling aids to practice toe-drags, dekes, and dangles and feel comfortable attempting great moves when you need it most, in the heart of a game.

Finding time to stickhandling is easy and should only take 10-15 minutes a day. That's about as long as the commercials run during your favorite TV show. Here are some USA hockey stickhandling drills that you can perform or work on during your hockey training session. Also, if you're looking for hockey dryland workouts make sure to check out the strength and condition hockey training blog from

Thor Josefson is the content manager for; a website focused on hockey training aids to assist hockey players in developing hockey skills through fun skill building exercises. Thor played college hockey in Minnesota and has coached with some of the best players in the game.

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