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Philadelphia Flyers Hockey 2012 - Things to Do

February 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 206

The Philadelphia Flyers is a professional ice hockey team of Philadelphia entertaining the sports fanatics for years. The Flyers are members of the Atlantic Division which belongs to the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League or NHL. The Philadelphia Flyers had won the Stanley Cup thrice and had been the non-Original Six team. The points accumulated by the Flyers are.578 and the team ranks second in the entire NHL competition. The Flyers hold a record for appearing at the semifinal or conference level matches among all the other ice hockey teams. They have also appeared a number of times at the playoff matches.

Initially the home ground of the Flyers was the Spectrum. Now, their shifted venue is the Wells Fargo Center. The most significant rivalry of the Flyers has been with New York Rangers. This rivalry dates back to 1970s. The other rivals include the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Jersey Devils. Wells Fargo Center is located in Pennsylvania, original home of the Flyers. It is an indoor arena. It is a part of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex and lies in the southwest corner. The center can hold over 20,000 people during the NHL matches. The center offers various facilities like 1,888 club seats, 126 luxury suites, clubs, restaurants and studios. The Flyers is one of the top patron drawers at the Wells Fargo Center.

The Philadelphia Flyers have matches lined up this season with their arch rivals as well as other teams from February onwards. The team will be playing against the New York Islanders on 1st March, Washington Capitals on 4th March, Detroit Red Wings on 6th March, Florida Panthers on 8th March, and Toronto Maple Leaf on 10th March. The Flyers will face the New Jersey Devils on 13th March when the stadium is going to witness another neck to neck battle on ice. The team will continue to play till November. You can book the tickets for the matches online. There are several websites lined up to offer you with the best deals like flyers ticket direct etc. Therefore, make sure you get the best deals on the Flyers Playoff tickets available online.

Philadelphia is a wonderful city and when you are not cheering for the Flyers, you can take a round across the city. There are several other things to do and places to visit in Philadelphia. Whether you want to go out shopping or shake a leg at the nightclub, you will find every option out there. You will definitely appreciate the culinary skills of the food loving people of the city. The city has a rich culture and acts as the patron for artistic activities. You will notice the old houses and the cobblestone streets in Philadelphia which will transfer you to the past. Explore the city from close quarter and marvel at the architectural gems. The endless museums the city possess the evidence of the flourishing history of this city. Enjoy the food, the events and the vibrant nightlife along with the setting sun in Philadelphia.

Indulge in the outdoor fun activities like rock climbing, horse riding and flying in hot air balloons.

Flyers Playoff Tickets on available now. Get cheap Flyers Tickets today. Buy your Philadelphia Flyers hockey 2012 tickets and make your way to the big game. Its your chance to watch your favorites play. Hurry Up!

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