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Ice Hockey Sticks - What You Need To Know To Win!

February 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 146

Ice hockey sticks are much more than just a tool to play the game. If you're just starting out or consider yourself a seasoned player. You can gain a significant edge on your competitors. No it's not about playing a certain way. You already know the rules. You know how to play. So what's keeping you from racking up more points in the win column?

The problem may not be how well you play the game. It may simply be your ice hockey sticks. You see, it's typical for the majority of players to buy their sticks without any idea of what to look for. The result is a disappointing season.

To improve your game you need to choose your sticks based on flex and blade curve. Get these right and you'll enjoy more power and control!

What Kind Of Ice Hockey Sticks Should You Choose?

If you're a beginner consider going with wood. Yes wooden sticks break. But that's not a bad thing. As you grow and your game matures, you'll end up buying different sticks. This way you can get a chance experiment with different sticks to improve your game. You'll begin to learn what works for you and what doesn't. Plus wooden sticks are generally cheaper to replace.

If you've been playing for awhile consider either a composite or wooden stick to get the best flex. This one change could take your game to a much higher level. Younger beginning players need not be concerned with flex just yet until they learn the proper technique.

Ice Hockey Sticks...The Right Flex Is Important

If you want to get the most power out of your shots, you'll need to choose a stick with the right amount of flex or bend as well as the correct length. The perfect flex for you can only be decided by you.

Next take a ice hockey stick and assume the same position you would if you were about to shoot the puck. Push down. Your stick should provide resistence while still allowing the stick to flex. You'll have more power with a stick that is stiffer.

You can also have a stick cut down to fit your measurements.

What's The Deal With Ice Hockey Sticks And The Curve?

Another way to improve your hockey game is making sure you have the right blade curve. Which blade curve you choose depends on the position you play. Defensemen will prefer different blades than Forwards for example.

Make sure the angle of your shaft and your stick is correct. Your blade should rest flat against the ice when you are in a skating position. You'll need to make sure the "lie" or the angle of your blade and stick is correct.

The lie has a number range from 4 to 7. The lower the number the bigger the angle of the blade. It may take time and trial and error to find what will work for you.

But taking the time to choose the right ice hockey sticks, can make a huge difference in how you play and win the game.

Ken R. Ignacio is an all sport enthusiast. For more information on this topic visit

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