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Hiking and Fishing Gear to Bring for Your High Mountain Lake Fishing Trip

March 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 119

There are plenty of reasons to love high mountain lake fishing: it's quiet because there are no jet-skis, less crowded because fewer people hike into the wilderness, and you're pretty likely to catch a fish, since many states stock their alpine lakes with trout and other fish.

Below, we've gathered a list of items you'll need for an alpine fishing expedition. Some items, such as a strong folding knife, will be used primarily for cleaning fish. Others, like LED flashlights, will come in handy for setting up camp and surviving emergency situations. This list is for day hikers; you'll need to consult backpacking guides for more items to bring on a multi-day fishing tour.

What to Pack: Fishing Gear

1. Lures, to catch fishes' interest. Trout lures are popular on high-mountain fishing trips, since most states stock their lakes with trout species. There are separate trout lures for drop-line and fly-fishing. Typically, alpine fishermen carry small lures, since the higher one goes in altitude, the smaller the fish (and their corresponding lures) will be.

2. A Light Fishing Rod. It's smart to pack a fly rod that can be split into different pieces for travel. A lightweight, easy-to-pack spinning rod is a good choice for those who don't do fly-fishing.

3. An LED Headlamp is helpful for fishing trips because it keeps your hands free to reel in, net, and clean fish. Many dedicated anglers get started before the sun rises, because fish are generally most active at dawn and dusk. And LED headlamp is a necessity in such cases. The ideal fishing LED headlamp will include a dimming capacity, like that of the HL7 Focusing LED Headlamp by COAST. A dimming feature allows you to extend battery life, preserve night vision, and avoid alerting the fish to your presence.

The rest of your fishing gear should be chosen according to your expertise level, and the location where you'll be dropping your line.

What to Bring: Hiking Gear

1. Water - a minimum of two liters per camper.

2. A Map - You'll have an easier time finding your way if your trail map includes elevation information.

3. A cell phone, for emergency situations.

4. Reliable hiking boots, ideally waterproof. Some anglers will also want to bring water shoes or waders.

5. First aid supplies, including cortisone, ibuprofen, bandages, and other fundamental health items.

6. Sunscreen and Bug Spray. Wear a hat; slather on sunscreen every two hours, and keep the insects at bay with repellant.

7. A GPS system and/or a Compass, to help you find your way if you get off track.

8. An LED headlamp and/or LED flashlights, as a safety measure. Should you happen to get stuck in the backcountry, you'll thank your lucky stars that you thought to pack the LED flashlights. From constructing a shelter to capturing the attention of rescue parties, LED lights are invaluable for survival situations.

Those who plan to camp out overnight should consider bringing LED camping lanterns as well. LED camping lanterns bring all the benefits of LED flashlights (extremely bright light, long bulb and battery life, and exceptional energy efficiency), but with the bonus advantage of providing ambient illumination for a whole campsite. To keep your hands free during food preparation and other camp tasks, it's smart to pack an LED headlamp, too.

Visit our website to read more about what outdoor gear to bring for a hiking and fishing trip, such as LED camping lanterns and a folding knife., manufacturer and distributor of high quality outdoor gear, has a great selection of LED flashlights, LED lanterns, LED headlamps, hunting and sporting knives, and multi-tools that are perfect for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

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