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Symptoms For Heart Disease

February 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 207

Most important causes for heart diseases

There are many causes for heart conditions, so I will point out the most important of them. Almost all of heart diseases are mainly caused by high blood pressure which will end up hardening your arteries. Another cause will be very bad diets consisting in food based on high level of fat, which will make big amounts of cholesterol build up in the arteries. All these may cause an arterial blockage which will affect the blood flow transporting oxygen and other nutriments to the heart.

A. Types of Heart Diseases

Our heart is located in the chest between lungs, it has four chambers, heart muscle and it acts as a pump, which will push the blood through our body.

Because there are so many types of heart illnesses I will point out only the most common of them

1. Heart diseases affecting heart chambers

Heart failure occurs when heart is not pumping sufficient blood so the body will not get the amount of blood and oxygen that it needs to do day to day activities. This is mainly caused by narrowed arteries which will provide with blood to the heart muscle.

2. Heart Disease affecting heart muscles

If heart muscles are affected we can distinguish two cases. Muscles are stiff, which will determine that more pressure is required for blood to get inside your main organ. Obstructing blood flow out of the heart will be as a result of narrowed or blocked arteries.

B. Symptoms for Heart diseases

Heart condition makes the biggest number of deaths worldwide after cancer. Like I said before there are many causes of heart illness, so this will mean that the number of symptoms will also be high. The most important symptoms for this awful condition are:

1. Chest pain

This is caused by temporary blockage of vessels. Another cause can be insufficient blood with oxygen to the muscles of your main organ. This symptom can be a very good indicator of this illness.

2. Shortness of breath

This symptom is mainly caused by left ventricular insufficiency. People with shortness of breath will have 4 times more chances to die because of a heart condition than people which won't have any symptoms.

3. Headaches

Usually this symptom would not cause the illness we talked about, but a sudden big head pain might be considered as a symptom for this condition.

4. Dizziness

This symptom can be caused by a lot of things like: low iron in the blood stream, dehydration, viral illnesses and low blood count. Because there are many thing that can cause dizziness, in case you will experience such a symptom you should go immediately at your doctor to see what caused that.

I invite you to read carefully this article. For more information's about this subject just visit Symptoms For Heart Disease. If you want to read about most common heart disease visit: Heart Attack

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