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Online Medical Appointment Service and Its Advantages

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 202

The latest statistic report published by the Internet and mobile Association of India (IAMAI), states that Internet users in the country have exceeded 100 million mark for the first time. With this revelation we can easily presume the impact of Internet on various aspects of people's lives. From searching about educational queries to booking movie tickets, we get everything online. One such emerging trend is booking online appointment with doctor. Online appointment scheduling has some major benefits over 'the conventional calling your doctor's office', read on to know more:

1. Make appointments anytime: You don't have to think about calling according to the doctor's time or availability. With online appointment scheduling you can book your visit at any time of the day, even after hours.

2. Enhanced Accessibility: Patients can access healthcare providers from various locations. You can choose the best suitable option by checking the distance, specialist's fees and availability just by sitting in front of your system.

3. No waiting: Now one wouldn't have to be on indefinite hold, or call five times just to know an available time-slot of the health care provider. There is no real prolonged waiting with online appointment scheduling. Once you enter your preferred time and location, appointment availability is quickly identified and appointments are scheduled.

4. Automatic Appointment Reminders: The automatic reminders generated for both the patient and the doctor are an excellent way to recall the schedule. For doctors it is a great way to maintain the patient flow management system and reduces scheduling conflicts. And for patients it is an amazing tool which reminds and confirms about their scheduled meeting with the doctor.

5. No fuss with the receptionist: Well, with online appointments you don't run the risk of running into a rough, rude, busy or a distracted receptionist. This saves a lot of your time and to don't have to face the rushed receptionist who may fail to give you the right detail about the doctor's availability.

6. Online and telephone appointment capability: The finest appointment arrangement systems integrate online scheduling and telephonic scheduling. Such a system seamlessly includes appointments made via either modes into one combined calendar.

7. Increased Reliability: When compared to old-fashioned and static directory listings, you get the privilege of an interactive technology with online booking. This interactive podium gives you real time confirmation about your appointments and increases reliability and accuracy of doctor's profile.

8. Helpful for the audio impaired: Patients suffering with hearing impairment will find online appointment booking service the most convenient and easiest. Now, they won't have to rely on anyone else or struggle to book a meeting with the health care provider.

One such upcoming online medical booking service is soon to be launched in India, beginning with Delhi/NCR. This service will be integrated with all the above stated advantages and features. For more information, visit or call +91-129-4021234.

Arpita Banerjee

Source: EzineArticles
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