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Aloe Vera - A Healing Plant With Misinformation and Medical Professional Confusion

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 151

There's no doubt that Aloe Vera has an important role in health these days. But it is still a plant that is going through plenty of debate among the scientific, health and medical communities. However, Aloe has been used best in one role - which is the heal the body externally.

The plant itself has many healing purposes. People who suffer from wounds, minor skin infections, skin cuts and burns can use Aloe to heal the skin over a period of time. A person who is having internal problems such as cysts, elevated blood lipids and diabetes, it can help heal some of these conditions to a certain degree.

However, Aloe is a short-term solution and not a long-term solution for healing, when taken internally.

There are many weight-loss programs (especially in the direct selling market) that claim to get plenty of results, all due to the ingredient Aloe. Physicians also praise the use of these products as well and would be more than willing to endorse it.

But there's plenty of misinformation among this type of crowd and community that one must be aware of.

1.) Physicians and most medical doctors, through their 10 or more years of training and study before they get their PhD's, only receive less than 4 or 5 hours of nutritional training and study. That's within a 10-year period. Nutritionists, however, have over 4 years of study. In a case like this, who would be best to give advice on the subject on nutrition?

2.) Aloe was meant to be taken externally for healing. It does a wonderful job of relieving skin burns, as well as some dermatological conditions that need healing attention.

3.) The only time Aloe should be taken is for healing, such as a surgery. But here's why this is crucial as we see in the next point:

4.) Aloe creates a coating when it is applied to the skin. If it is taken internally, Aloe will coat the intestinal tubes within the human body. The coat heals, but it also creates a "shield" from anything else that could touch the tissues.

5.) The reason many weight-loss, fat-cleansing programs work is because of this coating. And this is where it becomes dangerous. If a person drinks (or eats) aloe over a certain period of time, it will keep layering the coating onto the intestinal tubes. When this happens, nutritional content gets rejected. Meaning, your body, your intestinal tubes, cannot use the nutrients that you get from fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and certain proteins. So to make this more clear, your body is "starving" itself. Thus, this is how you start to lose weight. Sure, the body will start eating away it's own fat, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it is building muscle. On the contrary, building muscle requires protein (which means "of first importance) since it is what builds cells. But if that's not enough, imagine what could happen to your liver and your kidneys, as everything has to pass through those too. If enough Aloe gets into those areas (which should never, ever happen), you will have a blockage. Meat-based protein is very hard on the kidneys already, you don't want to do further damage.

6.) Aloe is a Medicinal plant and should always be treated as that. But many people don't do research, which is why we see them take cough drops like candy (or it is marketed as candy). If you get too much in your body, your kidneys will eventually malfunction. When you are doing weight management, you are also detoxifying. What I mean by this is not by the fecal matter that comes out of your bowels; fat is burned into oil, travels towards your kidneys and is expelled through your urinary tract. You need to protect your kidneys!

If a lot of Aloe is used over a period of time, not only will you lose weight, but you will lose muscle too, due to the lack of protein going into your body. As a result, you will experience a ton of side effects and health conditions that will affect the veins, heart, brain, respiratory system, the liver, pancreas and more.

By the way, know that your organs and veins are also muscle too.

If you want to use aloe, use it more for external reasons. If you want to take it internally, make sure you ask a doctor that understands nutrition and practices nutrition. Nutrition is not all about vitamins and proteins; it is also about spirituality and relevance as well. Basically, a holistic health practitioner.

As for weight loss, there are better programs out there that can help you lose weight without harmful effects your health. Shaklee's CINCH is by far, the most complete solution that we use all the time. We use it even after we've achieved our goal weight and pant sizes, mostly because of the health benefits such as strong bones and better blood production.

There are a couple of programs that claim, but do not have the peer-reviewed scientific backing to prove the long-term safety of using Aloe in their products. Some of these product lines are also approved by the Physician's Journal, which is actually a controversial journal and is not widely accepted in the health communities. Beware of companies or marketers that claim their products being accepted in this journal. Also beware of companies that have "internal reviews" and not peer reviews. The truth is, if a company believes in its products, then it would not be afraid to share its products with the universities for testing, especially long-term testing. Remember that a company that claims to have its products by the Physician's journal, realizes that Physicians do not have more hours of nutritional study compared to nutritionists and holistic health practitioners. So it is the safer route to go with.

Aloe. It's a great plant for healing your sking (external organs), but take it sparingly on the inside (ulcers, surgery).

Most of all, it is a medicine, not a food. So be good to your internal organs.

Rodney is a musician, an artist, a tech geek, wellness consultant and an entrepreneur. Visit his website at:

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