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Two Surprising Things About Human Body Fat

February 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 110

When we think about fat we often imagine it simply being the sludgy stuff that rounds out our middles and makes un unattractive to most people. We think about how it jiggles in our arms and widens our thighs, how it brings about health issues if we have too much of it and how there's always the vague desire to lose weight or get a liposuction. We rarely think about what it does biologically speaking for our body, and whether it plays any other role in our system other than to store energy for future use. You will be surprised to know that in fact fat does more than just store energy in the form of lipids; it has two very important roles to play in your body. In today's article we're going to take a closer look at these roles, explain to you what they do and why they're important, and perhaps help you look at fat in a slightly different way.

First, let's define what human body fat is. Technically it's called adipose tissue, and it consists of about ninety percent lipids, which are fatty acid chains bound to a glucose molecule. These are a fantastic way to store energy, with a pound of fat storing about 3,600 calories worth of energy all told. The other ten percent of the cell is composed of water and the mechanisms that govern the cell's functions.

The first surprising way that your fat supports your body is by boosting your immune system and inflammatory response. Pre-adipocytes which are the baby version of fat cells waiting to be triggered into full maturity can act as macrophages, which are cells that engulf foreign cells like bacteria or viruses. People who diet to extremely lean levels will often report getting sick more often, though it must e said that overweight people often have to deal with chronic low-level inflammation.

The second way your fat helps you is by storing glucose, which is the main way you keep your blood glucose levels at where they should be. Diabetics who have high blood glucose levels do so because they are insulin deficient, which means they can't move the glucose into fat. However, if you have no fat to begin with, you end up being hyperglycemic, and will end up suffering from the same problems that diabetics do. For that reason it's crucial to have healthy levels of fat to keep your blood sugar stable.

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