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How Cleanliness Can Effect Perception

April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 123

One thing is certain in life and that is eventually we all pass away. Some people are fortunate enough to die of old age, but along with that old age comes a few ailments. These ailments generally involve a hospital visit from time to time, and with those hospital visits can come some infectious scares.

Many people have gone into a hospital and gotten a simple procedure done only to later suffer from an infection that they acquired during their hospital stay. An elder person that has already undergone a procedure is not in the best condition to be fighting off a new infection, and that is why so many of these contracted infections can be quite fatal.

A Patient-Centered Care Guide released by Planetree, Inc. and the Picker Institute, Inc. did a little bit of research on the subject and find out that it is rather common for an elderly person to have a great deal of anxiety about having to visit or return to a hospital. It could be from personal experience or through stories that have created this anxiety, but it is still there all of the same.

The Most Important Opinion is the Patient's Opinion

In 2002 by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services partnered with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in order to create the HCAHPS. The HCAHPS is the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems. This survey was created as way to establish a base of measurement for how a patient perceives their hospital and how they felt about their hospital stay.

The government wanted a way to make sure that only the hospitals that were truly interested in their patients would be receiving government funded money such as through Medicare. This is why one of the main concerns in the HCAHPS survey is the cleanliness of the hospital, "During this hospital stay, how often were your room and bathroom kept clean?"

This has been seen before. Reliable tile and grout cleaning companies know that there is a need for a way for hospitals to try and keep out as many of the contaminants as possible, and making sure that they do not remain wedged in some of the porous areas around the hospital. Some systems will not only thoroughly clean all of the tile and its surrounding grout, but will also seal the flooring as well in order to ensure that all of the contaminates remain on the surface where they can be easily cleaned. "Mopping just spreads the contaminants on the floor around," he said. "The bottom line," Mitchell said "is that clean and sanitary floors in a health care environment can help make patients feel comfortable."

Now you can have new tile and grout without the expense and downtime of replacement. The SaniGLAZE restorative bonding technology returns old, contaminated tile and grout to a "like new" appearance and prevents the problems from returning. SaniGLAZE eliminate odors, provides a moisture proof protective shield, and makes tile and grout surfaces very easy to maintain.

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