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Seven Reasons Why People Don't Heal

April 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 107

1) Fear over Material Life Concerns, these concerns involve money, work/career, property and meeting their physical needs, such as food, clothing and being able to pay the bills on time. This kind of fear also incorporates a negative mindset about lack and limitation and often negative beliefs are formed, such as 'money is the root of all evil', or'life is hard' etc. People stay who stuck in these material life fears will often manifest health issues with their lower back, legs, knees and feet.

2) Loss of Joy in Life, people who live their lives by habitually accepting their unhappy daily life routine without even attempting to make any positive changes will often slow down their ability to help themselves heal. People often stay stuck in jobs they really hate, but they do nothing about changing their circumstances because they "fear" change. People stay attached to relationships that no longer serve their greatest good for fear of being alone if they did leave. People who who lose their joy are often addicted to things such as alcohol, food and drugs - to help replace the feelings of unhappiness with temporary fulfillment and pleasure.

3) Lack of Self-Belief, people who have lost their confidence and have low self-esteem will easily give their power away to those who are overpowering and are able to manipulate them. When a person loses their ability to believe in their own power, they will soon become very indecisive and will be unable to make wise life choices. They will also have many negative thoughts and feelings about themselves, such as 'not being good enough, clever enough, or they don't have the right look etc' and they will then allow these false beliefs to gain control of their lives. Depression can set in when a person lacks in their own inner power to help them make positive life choices.

4) Hardheartedness, people who are hardhearted do not care about other people and have a very hard and uncaring attitude. This will be due to being hurt themselves and so they are unable to move on, forgive and heal from their past traumas and pain. They will then carry their hardheartedness into their future and they will block their heart from receiving their hearts desires and hinder their healing.

5) Living a Lie, people who live a lie by pretending to be happy when they are really not will soon cause issues with their health and well-being. People put a mask on to show the world that all is well when secretly inside they are crying out in pain. Sooner or later something is going to give and it is usually their health. When you go against your own conscience, morals and beliefs you will create a conflict between your heart and your head. Ignoring the voice of your heart (where your spirit resides) will quickly lead to emotional issues and physical issues.

6) Ignoring the Body's Physical Needs, we all need to have plenty of rest, as the body is in healing and repair mode when we are sleeping. We need to find balance with work/rest and play so that we manage our time well and give priority to what is most important in our lives. We need to hydrate the body with plenty of water and we need to eat a healthy and balanced diet. The body also needs movement and exercise to help keep it in good shape and to maintain a good level of body strength. Ignoring the body's physical needs will soon affect the strength and vitality of the physical body.

7) No Belief in a Higher Power, people who have no belief in a power that is greater than themselves alone will only look to the material world to help them solve their problems. This is not the answer and it will only provide then with a limited amount of help. Lack of faith, trust and the ability to surrender your problems to a higher power will certainly help to create issues such as depression, insomnia and other health concerns as inner peace is lost. People often feel stuck in their lives and they feel lost as if there is something missing, (their relationship to God). People are often angry with God because their lives are in such a mess and this gives them the reason to disbelieve in a higher power, but they have never even attempted to establish a relationship to God. Lack of knowledge and understanding about a higher power causes people to hinder their connection towards receiving spiritual help and guidance. Learning more about 'who you really are', (an eternal energetic being) and developing your relationship with a higher power will help you to co-create your life as you lean and and depend on help from God.

Joanne Brocas,

Joanne Brocas is an Award Winning Author, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer & Reiki Master/Teacher. You can visit her website at

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