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Is Your Perspective Hurting Your Reiki and Meditation?

June 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 181

Changing your ideas on the world is like changing the topping on your ice cream.

Changing your perspective is like going from ice cream to fast cars.

In other words, while new ideas will certainly make a difference to the flavour of your life; a new perspective can fundamentally change it.

Looking at the world in a new way is creating change at a very deep level, one which, amongst other things, will ultimately change all of the ideas you have about it.

Let me give you an example to help highlight the difference between changing your ideas (or getting new ones) and changing your perspective.

Imagine you learn how to locate and dig up gold from a riverbed. Perhaps you previously thought this would be very difficult, but with the information you have just learned, you now know it is quite doable. This is certainly a change in your thoughts (ideas) on locating and digging up gold, but will this knowledge propel you into action that will dramatically impact your life?

After all, if you live in the city and have no idea where any riverbeds with gold might lie (or whether they even still exist!), it is unlikely you're going to do much with your knowledge.

But imagine you knew that somewhere along a nearby riverbed, lots of gold could be found? You mightn't yet know how to locate and dig it up, but you do know it's there.

Would this information get you moving?

Think of it: you know for a fact that in a nearby river there is lots of gold?

What then?

Most likely you'd study all you could on locating and digging up gold in riverbeds and you'd go out and purchase whatever equipment you needed to do it.

So you see what is happening?

Once you change your perspective on whether it is possible to find nearby gold, you will naturally do whatever it takes to get the resources and information (i.e. ideas) needed to locate it.

In short, our perspective dictates the ideas we have (or discover) about the world we live in. Think something is possible and you'll do what it takes to find a way to do it. Think something is impossible and you won't even try to do it.

Getting More Out of Reiki and Meditation by Changing Your Perspective

Okay, so you agree that a change of perspective (what some call a paradigm shift) could have a massive impact on your life. How then can this knowledge serve us with regards to meditation and Reiki, the two topics we are dealing with in this newsletter?

The rest of this article will look into this question and show you how you can have a much richer experience of both by changing your perspective on what they are and how to practice them.

Meditation - A Practical New Vision

Most people practice meditation either haphazardly (some days yes, some days no), or consistently (e.g. once or twice a day). For the rest of the time they go about their business, they spend time with friends and family, they do their daily chores - whatever.

The point is that their world has two distinct parts: meditation and everything else.

When they meditate they meditate, and when they work they work - and seldom do the two paths cross.

Although they value and love meditation, although they very often feel calm and complete when meditating, it never really occurs to them to attempt to bring the meditation state of being into their everyday world.

No, the moment they hop off their 'meditation mat' their mind generally slips into Daydream Land, they lose touch with their meditation energy - and that all seems pretty normal to them.

This is odd for a couple of reason: firstly because meditation - at least as far as the founding teachers were concerned - was always about integration, about integrating the feelings of energy and connectedness you have when meditating into everything else you do in the day. That is what it means to 'take Zen into the fields'.

Second, it is odd because if you enjoy the experience of meditating so much, if it helps you connect to the deepest part of yourself, why wouldn't you try to maintain that state of being throughout the entire day? Why limit yourself to 30 minutes, 60 minutes - whatever it is?

So a shift in perspective here for many people would simply be to decide that meditation is really meant to be lived 24/7, that even if this is a challenge to achieve, it is a brilliant goal to strive towards.

Once you make this shift, what you'll discover is that it really isn't so hard to integrate meditation into at least the vast majority of the things you do. You simply need to decide that this would be of great value and then muster up the willpower to keep trying.

Because yes, you will lapse very often into Daydream Land, a land where you lose touch with the deepest part of yourself and your mind runs wild jumping from this to that to this; but every moment you will be given a new opportunity to try again, to reconnect.

And that is the beauty of it.

It is like a video game where you have thousands and thousands of lives. So keep trying, continue to draw your awareness back to where you are, and you'll soon be ready to slip back in to the meditation zone.

A New Perspective for Reiki

If you view Reiki as a hands-on healing method, you're going to get a lot out of it.

If you view Reiki as a spiritual path, it just might change your life.

This shift in perspective is, incidentally, the major difference between Western style Reiki (that which has come down via Mrs Takata in Hawaii) and the traditional Japanese Version that has come directly from Japan (what I, personally, teach).

In the Western stream (which almost everyone practices), the emphasis is on healing (with the hands); in Japan, Reiki is a path to ever expanding personal evolution and growth (traditionally this would be viewed as a path that aspires to Enlightenment).

In Western style Reiki, we do our hands-on healing and then go about life.

In traditional Japanese Reiki, Reiki is our life.

This doesn't mean we need to be dogmatic. It doesn't mean we need to think Reiki is better than anything else. Rather, it means that we try to integrate the principles and experiences we learn while doing our Reiki hands-on healing and meditations into everything we do.

It means we try to infuse our entire day with Reiki / meditation energy.

To give you an example of how this might be done, think of how Reiki practitioners learn to get out of the way when doing their hands-on healing, of how they learn that the less they try to manipulate or control the Reiki energy, the smoother things go.

Well it just so happens that most of us are constantly trying to manipulate and control what happens to us, that we are very often resisting what happens in our life.

But what would happen if we accepted the flow of things instead? What would happen if, instead of getting frustrated by what occurs in our life, we simply flow with it? If we move where our intuition leads us, rather than battle it, thinking we know best?

Most likely it would mean more success (whatever that means for us) with a lot less stress.

Of course, the traditional Japanese Reiki system - as mentioned - is about much more than the hands-on healing, so a shift in perspective would also see us trying to live the Reiki precepts and meditations too.It would have us try to integrate the experiences these tools give us into our everyday life.

And if we work on doing this, no matter how often we slip back into our 'waking dream', into the daydream most of us inhabit throughout the day, it will almost certainly lead to a much richer Reiki experience, to an experience that changes us to our core.

Of course, we all know it is a challenge to fully integrate Reiki; but a major battle is already won the moment we shift our perspective, the moment we choose to do our best to integrate it into everything we do.

From then on it will begin to permeate our life more and more fully.


Sometimes the easiest way to make shifts is to attend a course and be given some structure and support. The most important thing, however, the thing you don't need anyone to help you with, is simply to change your perspective and decide to make your spiritual practice something that is integrated fully into your life. Because once you do this, you will naturally begin to find the opportunities needed to learn what you need to learn, have what you need to have, and be where you need to be to expand your spiritual self.

Jeremy O'Carroll is a traditional Usui, Shamballa and Karuna Reiki Master who has studied with some of the best known Reiki teachers in the world including William Lee Rand, Frans Stiene and Laurelle Shanti Gaia.. He is the founder of the Om Reiki Centre in Victoria, Australia and Om Reiki Online Video and Articles Learning Portal.

For more information, please visit: or

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