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How To Find Someone Who Practices Reflexology

April 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 149

Reflexology would be the massage and manipulation of certain zones around the feet, hands and outer ears. It results in relaxation, and could even assist in healing with a assortment of other conditions.

Many people that are uncomfortable having a traditional style massage appear to enjoy reflexology for relaxation and pressure relief. And, a lot of other individuals use this therapy as a "complimentary modality" inside the practices of other much more really serious ailments; typically the care is coordinated with traditional medical practitioners.

Research has shown that reflexology is useful for treating: anxiety and depression, unmanageable discomfort, the side effects of chemotherapy, lowered blood pressure, along with the discomfort of birthing. Many people have even used reflexology for memory loss.

Reflexology is based on the premise that the body is divided into ten zones, and these zones are reflected in extremely particular regions from the hands and feet. These zones relate directly to organs within the body. The practitioner utilizes pressure, massage, kneading along other manipulations to impact actual physical adjustments within the body.

Most think that the physical changes are the outcome of releasing blocked power flow (qi) inside the body, which enables actual self-healing.

When you have decided to add reflexology for your care regimen, your initial step would be to not forget that reflexology is really a "complementary" therapy.

It's important to seek out and continue care with a traditional healthcare provider.

Now, ways to discover the appropriate reflexologist for you personally?

1st step, ask your buddies, family members, or healthcare specialists to get a referral!

Simply because these folks know you, they are able to usually tell when the provider could be an excellent fit for what you're in search of.

If they are unable to come up with any suggestions then look at the websites. You can also research the Reflexology Association of America. Their site features a complete listing, by state, of educated experts that uphold the integrity and ethics from the profession. You will also be able to locate state mandated requirements for reflexology practitioners.

Call the reflexologist that you are thinking about working with, and ask questions! Ask about their education and schooling.

Some reflexologists practice on clients with the lessons they learned at massage therapy school. While others have spent hours in classes and are certified in this modality.

Other reflexologists have taken a national board exam, and are recognized as experienced and competent by the American Reflexology Certification Board. Those who have chosen to expand upon their massage business are likely to understand the craft of reflexology which will provide a more enjoyable session. If you're interested in getting certified in reflexology just research the ARCB.

Ask the therapist what will take place during the session.

A lot of time this can provide you with an idea of what to expect as well as give you an initial impression of the therapist. If you are uncomfortable with the therapist or their explanations it's best to seek out other options. Ask how long the session will last. Find out if the therapist uses certain routines as some therapists wash their clients' feet. Some therapists will also work on the hands or outer ears. In the event you are uncomfortable with any of those elements, make that recognized, and see what the therapist will do to accommodate you.

You may also need to inquire if the therapist is completely and fully insured as this not only protect them but you as well. Even though there's no evidence of any unfavorable side effects of reflexology, it is always best to consult with a doctor before changing your health care regimen.

Most importantly, soon after your first reflexology session, analyze how you really feel.

Were you comfortable with the therapist and what they were doing?

Did you believe they were experienced in their profession or were they unprofessional?

Did you come out from the session relaxed and less stressed?

Did the therapist clarify what the objective in the sessions was before and after the treatment?

When the answer to any of those questions is "no", you may want to consider looking for another therapist.

When the answer is "yes", book one more session and continue on your path of relaxation and enhanced well being!

I am the owner and operator of ReflexologyHQ a website designed for massage therapist looking to enhance their careers as a practicing Reflexologist. To find out more visit Learning new modalities allows you to expand upon your career, learn new things and meet new people!

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