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Migraine Information

April 02, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 180

Migraine headaches can be painful. There are certain things that cause them and this article will explain some of them.

Migraines appear to be hereditary. Most people with them also have family members that get the headaches. If both parents have them, the chances of children getting them is about seventy percent.

During a migraine, specific nerves of the blood vessels and muscles of the head are activated and send pain signals to the brain.

A migraine will begin when nerve cells send out impulses to the blood vessels. This causes constriction and is followed by dilation of the vessels and the release of inflammatory substances that cause the pulsation to be painful.

Headaches that occur suddenly can be caused by an illness, infection or other condition. Sinusitis and other inflammation of the throat (pharyngitis) or ear infections can also cause headaches. A blow to the head can also cause a heacache.

There are five phases of migraines that can be identified. Theses phases are:

Prodome: warnings that can come before a migraine. These may be a change in mood, or a change in sensation (a strange taste or smell). Fatigue and muscle tension are also common.

Aura: a visual disturbance preceding the headache phase. Some people experience blind spots. Others see geometric designs or lights or lose vision in one side.

Headache: This is the next stage. The pain will usually be on one side of the head. Sometimes it will be on both sides. Throbbing pain sometimes occurs. A large percent f people with migraines feel nauseated and will vomit. A large percentage will also be sensitive to light and sound. This phase will usually last from four hours to two or three days.

Termination: headache usually goes away with sleep.

Postdome: other signs may linger after the headache has gone.

Sometimes migraines can be treated with medication given by a doctor. The headaches will go away without medication, but some people need medication to help with the pain of the headache and the nausea.

There is something called mixed headache syndrome. It is also known as transformed migraines. This is a combination of migraine and tension headaches. Children and adults can have this kind of headaches.

The following information is on another kind of headache. This should not be confused with a migraine.

Cluster headache. This is the least common type of headache. The pain is intense and can be described as having a burning quality that is throbbing or constant.

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