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Is Your Diet A Migraine Trigger?

February 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 213

Modern day diets consist of many foods that can trigger migraine attacks, especially for those people who are prone to such a debilitating condition and many of these sufferers are totally unaware of what particular foods they need to avoid that will reduce the possibility of an attack.

Although there is no special diet that can alleviate the pain of a migraine, knowing the food culprits that cause such pain can be very important step. Migraine food triggers are varied and what may be a trigger for one person is not always a trigger for another.

To find out what foods may be triggering a migraine attack, keep a diary or journal of what you eat and drink over a period of a few weeks. This will give some definite indication to which food culprits are the cause of the problem.

It's often the case that one type of food on its own may be quite harmless and will probably never be a trigger, however if consumed at the same time as other known food triggers, then this may result in a migraine attack.

Once you have been identified the food culprits which have caused the severe pain and distress of a migraine attack, you need to decide on a plan of action and implement an effective migraine diet.

Although dieting isn't a treatment for the prevention of migraine, for many sufferers being selective on what to eat and drink can certainly go along way towards helping relieve or prevent attacks. However it is not recommended that you eliminate all possible food triggers from your diet at the same time, simply because trying to adhere to such a restrictive diet would be nigh-on impossible with the vast number of potential triggers that exist.

The most common of migraine food triggers are aged cheeses, alcohol, processed meats, citrus fruit, caffeine and also the foods that contain preservatives and additives. Many of these foods contain natural chemicals called amines, such as tyramine, phenylethylamine, histamine, which if you are a sufferer of migraines and food is one of your major triggers, these will be the culprits.

Tyramine is found in large quantities in foods that are subject to fermentation such as aged cheeses, alcohol (especially red wine and beer), smoked or cured meats.

Phenylethylamine can be found in citrus fruits, chocolate and yet again red wine.

Histamine normally appears in foods such as bananas, processed meats, products that contain yeast, beef, beer and wine.

Aspartame - This commonly used as a sweetener in many food products including diet soft drinks such as cola, although the jury is out whether this actually can cause a migraine.

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)- A very common additive and preservative, predominantly found in Chinese restaurant foods as a flavour enhancer. This can also be found in pre-packed foods, soup bases, sauces.

Many people unfortunately think that skipping or missing meals will help contribute towards a migraine diet plan, however taking such action will have an adverse effect and will more than likely provoke a migraine attack. Make sure you follow your own individual migraine diet plan, so that you reduce and prevent the possibility of a migraine attack and make a habit of keeping regular meal times.

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