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LTO 5 Backup Media Tape System Has Improved Significantly With LTFS Mechanism

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 213

Natural catastrophes and system errors are some of the major threats that have forced the organizations to install a backup system in their primary data center. On the other hand, the I.T administrators have to manage extremely large amounts of data within their constrained resources, which is not an easy task. If you are struggling to handle these immense workloads, then it's time to install the tape industry's new breakthrough LTO-5 tape system.

With this new intelligent backup tape system, data-rich organizations can address the tough challenges of infrastructure complexity, regulatory compliance, enhanced security and reduced operational expenses. In short, the I.T staff can do more with minimal effort. As compared to LTO4 ultrium tape, the cartridge size is same but the capacity is 88% higher. Major factors behind the LTO5 ultrium technology's huge success are superior compactness, greater compatibility, reliable data security and above all, the media partitioning functionality. Before the introduction of LTO-5 technology, this feature was exclusive to disk-based backup systems. On a single tape, you can easily create 2 partitions.

LTFS (Linear Tape File System) debuts in LTO5 system to make the backup operations more efficient, fast and economical. With new LTFS technology, the LTO ultrium-5 tape system provides users a solid platform to share and backup the data files just like they do it on a hard disk or any other removable storage device. LTO5 tape system is very user-friendly, just insert the tape into the drive and it will appear on the host system's desktop as a drive letter. You can say that LTO5 ultrium tape behaves like a massive 3.0 TB USB drive, and is as user-friendly as any other storage device.

With all these reliable and innovative features, LTO 5 tape system supports a wider array of IT environments. LTO5 backup system is ideal for data mining, video archiving, workgroup backups, large data centers, midrange backup management, advanced computing systems and server backups. Performance of LTO5 drives also been significantly enhanced. A single LTO5 drive's performance is equivalent to that of three LTO3 drives, whereas it is almost 15% faster than LTO4 tape drive.

LTO ultrium is the most dominant backup tape format. If you are curious about other best selling tape-based systems, the major technologies are SDLT tape, DAT tape, SLR tape, AIT tape, DLT tape, Travan tape and VXA tape. Maxell, Tandberg, HP, Sony, Dell, Quantum, Fuji and many other tape media giants have included the new generation LTO-5 products to their portfolio, thus leading to superior media quality, greater customer choice and competitive prices.

LTO ultrium 5 tape system improves data management, reduces storage costs and provides the robust data protection needed to satisfy the increasing government legislations. The LTO5 drives also offer the compelling benefit of using your previous generation tapes, LTO-4 for read/write and LTO-3 for data read operations. So the existing LTO customers can multiply their tape resources and take advantage of the LTO5 system's superior performance.

Rob Millar is the Marketing Manager of Tape4backup and markets LTO 5 Media Tape and SDLT Tape. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

Rob Millar Tel: 888-491-4949 Email:

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