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The True Nature of Healing

February 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 135

Some people are prepared to sacrifice today's health in the interests of a greater goal. For example: an athlete may burn huge long-term health in the interests of a gold medal. Many Olympians die young. Another example is a business executive who willingly absorbs vast amounts of stress in order to make more money that they don't really need to survive or thrive until the end of their life. Like an Olympic athlete this entrepreneur has a goal in mind and the goal is winning and the goalkeeper shifting and they are prepared to sacrifice long-term health in order to win.

Most people are where they want to be. We choose, based on our value system, a priority between what we want and what we've got. In the case of the athlete they are choosing short-term achievement over long-term well-being. In the case of the entrepreneur they may be choosing short-term stress over long-term well-being. So it's important to recognise that many of our problems come from choices we make.

The pain of regret outweighs the pain of discipline. It's Monday, it's easy to say to hell with long-term problems I have short-term objectives to sort out. But on Monday, 3 years from now, when our immune system is weak and we have a feeling of exhaustion we may wish that our choice was different 3 years ago. Of course it's too late for that.

The best cure is prevention. I remember attending my 1st personal and professional growth workshop. We were asked to go through a process that listed our values and prioritise them. The inference, which was standard business rhetoric at that time, was that we needed to sacrifice one area of life for the benefit of another in order to achieve what we want. My list prioritised wealth over health and family over business. The list was inaccurate but the inference of it stuck. The inference being that I should sacrifice one area of life for the better of another. This is inaccurate.

All 7 areas of life are important. There is no need to sacrifice one area of life in lieu of another. Success does not have to come at the cost of health or relationship and relationship does not have to do be prioritised ahead of success. For health and happiness success needs to be equal to the other areas of life. Now, many people will argue that there is a vast difference between male and female goals. This is again inaccurate.

For every human being there is an expressed and a repressed ambition. So the classical male expression might be the achievement of financial and material goals while the classical female expressed ambition might be health and family these are stereotypes based on expressed values and do not recognise the quality of the repressed value. For example: a guy might say that he really wants to build wealth this is called expressed value but he might equally Be heartbroken if he does not create a family and may in the real-world circumstances sacrifice wealth in order to do so. This reveals that expressed values and repressed values have equal priority even if we are conditioned to sit with stereotypes through corporate training and self-help workshops.

Therefore, people are where they want to be. This is our most important discovery when it comes to health and healing. The pain of regret outweighs the pain of discipline and very often healing is dealing with regret for conscious choices made based on expressed values that did not take into account repressed values. For example: you are down the pub and enjoying a beer and you have to drive home when one of your friends announces an important achievement, they are getting married. Somebody proposes a toast and purchases a bottle of champagne to which everybody feels obligated partake. You know that you will go over the legal limit for alcohol with this champagne, you know you have consumed enough alcohol to put on 3 kg of weight and you know that if you drink any more you will not get up for your training jog in the morning so what do you do?

We make thousands of choices everyday. We may choose to be stressed or not to be stressed. We may choose to compromise our health or not compromise our health. We may choose to work through our tiredness or to rest. These choices result in our future. The choices we make today determine the future we create tomorrow. So, it's not as easy as it sounds to stay healthy and wealthy and wise and happy and in love and socially aware and spiritually conscious. But it is possible.

The question is; "are the choices we make so disconnected?" So, for example, when we are in the pub and that champagne is offered to us, is the choice to drink or not to drink so complicated?

Short-term gratification leads to short-term complication. The individual who is focused on the now will often make choices that in the short term feel appropriate but in the long term are inappropriate. The choice to take that champagne and drink it all is a short-term choice but without a driver's license, feeling obese, missing training tomorrow morning, feeling hungover at work these are all long-term consequences of short-term decisions.

It's too late to close the gate once the horse has bolted. People need healing after the opportunity to prevent the problem has passed and so there is huge awareness of regret and disappointment about what could have been, and how the problems they are facing might have been prevented. Let's call this guilt.

Guilt blocks memory. If you talk to a person who is needing healing about an event in the past that may have been the trigger for their current dilemma most often the details of that event will be vague or misguided. How many times have you spoken to 2 people about the same historical event only to find they both have 2 different stories about the same situation? Guilt blocks memory.

Sad realities. When I've worked with people who need healing it's a sad and often debilitating reality that they are both guilty and angry about the circumstances they've created. Both guilt and anger make the situation worse and yet, the integrity that comes from owning the fact that they caused their current circumstances is essential for healing.

Blame doesn't work. Even though guilt blocks memory and causes anger towards self about circumstances that need healing blame doesn't work either. When I've worked with people who blame others instead of internalising their anger towards themselves which happens in the case of guilt and self responsibility they externalise that anger toward others which further reinforces and exacerbates the cause of their problems. Expressing anger does not release anger but instead reinforces the course of it and makes matters worse.

Angry people calm down after expressing their anger. But this calm is temporary as the route cause of their anger remains untouched and hidden from view. It is a well-known fact that people do not make us angry they simply reveal the anger we already hold within.

Healing. Given that guilt makes our injuries worse and blame adds to our problems how then do we approach the topic of healing which requires us to take responsibility for being the cause of our problems and yet does not make us at the same time guilty, and therefore worse off?

Immune system response. In healing we are asking what created the body to heal the body. Whether the injury is to the mind, emotion or physical body doesn't matter. The immune system is affected no matter which level of injury occurs. In other words whether it's a emotional insult, a mental disappointment or a physical breakdown the immune system is impacted and needs to be repaired and rejuvenated in order to healing to take place at a core level. Solving and mental problem at a mental level simply diverts the injury to a lower level of the physical body and many illness can be traced back to a mental problem that was not dealt with properly. So at the core of healing is the immune system.

Gratitude heals. Through an unlimited number of research studies the link between the immune system and the mental state of the patient has been unquestionably determined. A patient who is angry or guilty will appreciate their immune system and therefore be far more vulnerable to illness. It is being shown that prayer has no impact on the healing process however thankfulness does have an impact and if prayer and thankfulness are one in the same thing the immune system will respond accordingly.

To become grateful for injury is a huge requirement of healing. Firstly, we can see that nobody does to us more than we do to ourselves and therefore, if we are injured by another person or circumstance we can trace this back to an external event simply reflecting an internal reality. So rather than focus on gratitude for the external event our attention needs to be drawn to the internal reality that existed prior to the external event that triggered our illness taking place. For example; a person may be deeply hurt through the process of divorce and they might blame the divorce (an external event) for their pain. They may spend the rest of their life dealing with that external event and the pain it caused however, the real source of their pain existed before the divorce.

Nobody does to us more than we do to ourselves. The essence of healing therefore, is not being guilty or angry or blaming all wanting to fix something that went wrong. The essence of healing is to use the external circumstance to lead us to the internal reality that was causing our pain long before we became aware of it.

So, going back to our earlier example of the individual going through divorce and the pain they are witnessing as a result of that divorce we are implying that the pain existed prior to the divorce but was covered over by substitutes and lifestyle habits including the marriage.

There are no victims. One of the most argued topics of my career has been the statement that there are no victims. Standing alone this statement lacks compassion and kindness toward people who have suffered enormous pain at the hands of others. I reconcile this dichotomy between socially excepted that there are victims perception and the true healing awareness that there are none in the language of time.

In the early hours of suffering when pain includes shock it is wise for individual to perceive themselves as a victim and blame the circumstances that caused the trouble. This perception helps the individual focus on pain relief and survival in very difficult times. But this perception does not heal and eventually as the shock dies down to reveal the true pain beneath the injury and suffering, victim needs to give way to a deeper connection to nature.

I am frustrated quite often with the attitudes of therapists and healers whose mission it seems is to fix people from a position of victim and blame. This is an impossible mission and service only to keep individuals in the loop of continual healing and the practitioner in the loop of continual dependency. Real healing takes place the moment when one recognises that crisis is a blessing.

Again returning to our divorce scenario; it is possible that the individual who is suffering at the hands of a divorce and feeling rejected or cheated never felt worthy in the 1st place. It's even possible that they didn't trust their partner from the beginning. A person who doesn't trust will eventually be proven right. A person who doesn't trust will hold back love just in case they are proven right. So a person who doesn't trust may sign the marriage certificate and embrace all the material conditions of a marriage but never surrender into the relationship, and therefore really never fully embrace the marriage. In this situation the divorce is purely an outward reflection of what has been consistent and unexpressed from the very beginning.

A delicate topic of conversation is cancer. Nobody would place the blame for cancer squarely on the shoulders of the individual who is so struggling with such an awful and challenging journey as to heal cancer. So we can go so far as to say that the propensity to experience cancer can go back through our DNA, through our heritage, through external circumstances and through experiences prior to adult awareness. We do not wish to add more pain, guilt or anger, to an individual who is walking the tightrope of healing cancer. However we do want to place squarely in the hands every opportunity to support the healing process possible.

Mind body connection. From ancient history through until some 200 years ago the connection between mind and body in the healing process was inseparable. Healers knew that complete healing required a focus on both mind and body simultaneously. In our modern times this connection has been separated and now we have the healing of a cancer without any attention to the mental and emotional causes that may have helped trigger it.

The immune system again. Everybody is vulnerable to cancer and when cancer attack is imminent the immune system fights it off. However, when mental capacities are limited and may be focused on negative or I'm thankful thoughts the immune system may allow the attack past its guard. It's really important to know what that capacity limiting thought process was so that, with physical healing, the trigger is not allowed to cause the re-emergence of the same problem on a physical level.

To understand this more clearly one must understand the nature of well-being. A healthy individual is undergoing continual support and challenge to their mental and physical being on a daily basis. The purpose of that support and challenge is to evolve the human condition to a higher state of being. If an individual is able to sustain growth through the support and challenge process then they will experience minor un-wellness and a corresponding wellness on a daily basis, both mentally and physically. But if this process is somehow blocked it can turn to an injury and this is what we are working with in the process of healing. We are asking, "where have we blocked our own evolution?"

What is evolution? This is really confusing question because there are 7 areas of life and we can look highly evolved in one area and highly devolved in another and therefore give rise to the impression that because we are wealthy, we are evolved. We don't have to be a rocket scientist to realise this is not evolved.

To recognise a person's level of evolution simply take the 7 areas of life, and ask which is their most troubled area and that reveals the level of evolution. Another word for evolution is control. If we have control over our health we can say we are evolved in the area. If we have control over our financials we can say we are evolved in that area. So evolved equates to leadership and management in each of the 7 areas of life.

The more evolved we are more people we influence. So, a company director who is leading thousands of clients and employees can be said to be more evolved in their business dealings than an individual who leads a team of 3. This reveals that we can have high levels in one area and low levels in another. We can be evolved in our business dealings and un-evolved in our personal dealings. Where do you think our injuries will come from? They come from our least evolved area.

Our least evolved area of life limits our total presence as a human being. Nature is committed to our evolution and therefore if we find an injury or pain in one particular area of our life we will know that we have been nudged and supported by nature to evolve that area. Therefore, it is wise to both heal the Injury and evolve the consciousness that caused it.

All emotion reveals unevolved consciousness. Support and challenge our emotional states created by half-truths. The fact is there is always both, the problem is we really see them in the same moment of time. Healing therefore, is the instantaneous recognition that crisis is a blessing.

Chris Walker is a visionary business consultant and of the world's leading facilitators of Personal/Professional Development. Author, consultant and professional speaker, his considered a leader in the field of human potential and lifestyles for success. His VIP and Mastery Programs have been attended by thousands of individuals around the world seeking tools to live life and manage their careers to their fullest potential.

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