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The Art of Giving and Receiving Compliments Graciously

April 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 156

Introverts and people with self esteem problems are the ones who usually have trouble in giving and accepting compliments. They don't know what to compliment, how to say the compliment and sometimes they don't even know why it's good to give a compliment in the first place. As for accepting compliments, some people just don't know what to say after someone says something nice to them.

Dishing out good compliments and accepting them graciously is more than a social skill. There's really more to giving compliments than being just polite. For one, compliments are great conversation starters and ice breakers.

Mastering the art of giving and receiving compliments can get you a date, a promotion, and a new friend. It can even save you from awkward situations with your mother-in-law! Interested yet? I sure hope you are!

Tips for Giving Compliments

  • Only say it if you mean it. Don't give insincere compliments. People can feel if your compliment is sincere or phony.
  • Compliment something specific. nondescript compliments are often taken as "polite" and "just-so-I-can-say-something", and besides, people notice specific compliments more. Instead of telling someone "you look great", try something like "your jacket looks good on you". You can also make your compliment a conversation starter by adding something like "where did you buy it?"
  • NEVER go overboard with giving compliments. You don't have to compliment everything about a person! Just a couple of sentences will work.
  • Don't wait for something in return. So you gave your co-worker a compliment... That doesn't mean you have to linger around and wait for him to compliment something about you, too! Move on.

Tips for Accepting Compliments

Aside from being shy or timid, a lot of men find it hard to accept compliments because of their self esteem problems. Why? It's because of the critical voice in their head telling them that they're not worthy of the compliment and that the person who gave it is either lying, blind or just taking pity on them.

  • If you don't know what to say, smile and say "thank you"
  • Always assume that the person giving the compliment has good intentions. Even if the compliment didn't sound good to you, smile and let them know you appreciate what you said. It's always better to be gracious and polite than to be a sarcastic loser. I'm sure you wouldn't want to say things you'll regret later.
  • Turn the compliment into a conversation starter. Any compliment can be turned into an exciting conversation. If someone compliments you for giving a good speech, you can say something like "Thanks, I really hope they approve of my proposal". For a compliment on your clothes, you can say something like "Thanks! I got it from this great shop online".

You don't have to be an arrogant know-it-all to give and receive well-thought out compliments. All it takes is practice! If you're a bit shy, you can practice these tips in front of a mirror. Eventually, you'll be dishing out great compliments to everyone you know!

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