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Be Beautiful Forever

February 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 148

First things first: Beauty after 50 is our creative time. We are conscious now, aware of our past, willing to let go because now we know the kind of damage we do to our bodies when we hold on to resentments. We have learned the skill of forgiveness and release through our stories of tragedies and suffering, triumph and over coming. We feel strong in the telling of our soul lessons.

You can be beautiful at every age and stage of life. Cultivate consistency in self-care and value the routine of nurturing a healthy body and a centered, calm and centered mind. Certainly wisdom feels better than the insecurity of youth when Life beckoned her seductive finger. "Come hither," the finger waggled. "Your youth will lay out all your dreams along your path like rose petals honoring your presence here." Instead, it seemed our path was strewn with thorns: rejection, failure, regret and loss everywhere we turned.

The benefit to arriving after 50 is you are noticing what beauty looks like and the sensations in your body of how good it feels. You no longer take the concept of loveliness for granted. You appreciate it in architecture, a clean apartment, a well-made dress, the scent of a flower. You can look and feel your best at any age, any stage of life with consistent self-care. I remember being twenty when my loving and super-cool older sister came home from a date and came in my room to share her exciting evening with me. I was already in bed, my nose in a book as always. I'll never forget her words, as she searched my face, concerned: "Are you still young enough to go to bed with your makeup on?"

Our skin is the first line of defense, not only to our internal organs, and overall physical health, but also to the presentation we make every day when we leave the house.

I dutifully washed my face every night after that remark by my sister. Now I'm grateful to the awareness, to 'noticing' what I didn't consider important, especially when I was too tired or too lazy.

Skin care can be very affordable. A bar of facial soap from the drug store will do. Just make it a consistent effort to cleanse, and moisturize daily. A more effective exfoliate is helpful weekly, and especially effective is a retinol prescribed by your Dermatologist. You'll get noticeable results as the compliments come flooding in. Youthful identification with beauty has a tendency to flee, but it can be replaced by a deliciously seductive beauty, if we're diligent. So, it takes a little more effort - it's worth it.

We know too much to give up, give in, step back, become invisible. We've only just begun our lives of creativity and adventure. Finally, we are willing to face the Truth. We had to walk through fire to get to 50 and get this smart. We're going to maintain much more than just our skin. The vibrancy of our outlook has taken on a magnificence that can't be measured. Our lives are about to step up to something greater than we could have imagined. And beauty is a natural by-product that comes from the art of noticing - of paying attention.

We used to think the 'familiar,' the 'mundane,' the 'known,' was boring. Now we realize it holds the key to our expansion, to freedom, to the formation of our wings.

We've learned to be really honest...with ourselves. Truth, it seems, holds a huge portion of the beauty quotient. We just have to be willing to face it - truth that is.

This is the payoff: Face the truth, come out of denial, practice in incremental, slow, easy, lazy steps the truth about your life. You do not have to make any changes just yet. Just notice, become aware. The lines around your eyes will soften, the corners of your mouth will lose the tightness, the neck muscles will relax, delighting the shoulders and the tension in your eyes will leave, bringing a new curiosity, and a thirst for adventure.

You will begin to feel like yourself again, and that is a beautiful thing.

You have nothing to prove, even to yourself. You are already special; you're alive with something unique and valuable to offer. Don't define yourself by your age, or it will eat away at the other corners of your life until you see limitations everywhere.

Honor who you are wherever you are and notice what your truth is. Simply breathe, tune in and listen, even if it's just a few minutes out of your hour, or your morning. Just awaken and notice.

We'll get to the rest of it in time. If you're happy, celebrate and rejoice. If there is something you want to change, just notice and be conscious of the fact that there is something you are ready to do to cause a shift or even an earthquake, if necessary.

If your life isn't pleasing you, create one that does.

By Linda Marie Prejean

Linda is a counselor and Health and Beauty Life Coach in Private Practice in Southern California. Visit her website for video tips and articles on how to present your best face forward to achieve the life of your dreams after 50, and everywhere before and beyond. For more video tips and information, visit:

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