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5 Ways to Combat Bad Moods

April 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 118

Some people define happiness as the absence of bad emotions. It's that relaxed moment where you are worried about nothing and where you are not feeling bad because of any major problem that can make you feel really happy.

Luckily most bad emotions and even mild depression attacks can be dealt with if people knew the right actions to take. Most people deal with unwanted emotions incorrectly by either escaping from them or by acting as if they are not there while in fact bad moods are just signals sent by the brain to motivate people to improve their lives in certain ways. In this post I will tell you how to respond to the signal and end these moods:

5 ways to combat bad moods and depression

1) Do something!: Taking serious actions is one of the most powerful ways for ending bad emotions and depression. Most people lie in bed when they feel bad without being aware of the fact that this is the time where they need to take actions the most. When you take actions you actually tell your brain that are responding to the signal that it sent you and that's why the bad mood eases.

2) Learn how to live consciously: if at any moment of your life you were worried about your future or sad because of your past then you will never be able to experience real happiness. Conscious living is the ability to enjoy your present moment without letting your mind wander in the past or the future. People who live in the present moment are less vulnerable to bad emotions and depression attacks.

3) Write a plan: sometimes your mind needs nothing more than reassurance in order to remove the unwanted emotion. In such a case writing a plan might be the perfect solution to mood problems. When you write a plan you are actually telling your subconscious mind indirectly that you are going to solve the problems that are bothering you and as a result it withdraws the bad mood.

4) Get more self understanding: sometimes people get bad moos because they don't understand themselves well. When you get to understand yourself more you will realize what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Many people are unhappy just because they don't quite understand what can make them happy and what's important for them in life.

5) Understand that emotions might not disappear overnight: many people mistakenly believe that bad moods should disappear overnight if they did the right thing but that's completely wrong. Even if you started solving the main problem that caused your bad mood still your mood won't change instantly but instead it will happen gradually as the time passes. Its extremely important to be patient while trying to end your bad moods else you will give up before a significant change happens and your mood will remain the same., The ultimate source for self understanding 10,000,000 Million visits and counting. Dealing with mood swings

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