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What Is Alopecia Or Hair Loss?

April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 176

Looking at the history of mankind, man has always been concerned with the hair. In addition to providing protection against injuries to the skull, and solar radiation, the hair represents an important sexual adornment. The worship of hair hit the empires, religion, mythology, culture, science and social classes.

At all times and cultures, alopecia affects people's intimate, Egyptian papyri over four thousand years, already cited the anatomy of the scalp.

The alopecia is a consequence of changes in the follicle. If changes are transient and not destructive of the hair matrix, a new growth occurs. If the changes cause destruction of the hair matrix, resulting in the formation of bedsores (sores), or atrophy, producing permanent alopecia.

The subject is very complex and extensive, there are many causes of alopecia.

We cover the hair loss from telogen effluvium (severe hair fall), one of the most common complaints in the office. Each follicle goes through the hair cycle 20 times during the life of an individual.

Phases Hair (Biological Cycle)

The skin is the largest organ of the human body into contact with the world esterior and the human body. It is composed of three cell layers. Inside the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis Intermediary which is the innermost layer.

The hairs are formed in the dermis. Every body has hair except the palms and soles.

There are approximately five million Pilossebácios follicles (structure that form the hair in humans) in each individual.

The organic hair cycle is divided into three phases. Growth (Anagen) Catagen (Home) and Telogen (fall). Each phase has a duration and a hair growing for a mean of two to eight years, after the maximum growth, the matrix for producing hair, is detached and moves towards the skin surface.

In humans, each hair is in a separate phase, if all the hairs are in the same phase at each end of a cycle would increase a total hair loss being the individual bald. Until the formation of new hair (Bio Series). Eighty percent of hair is in growth phase (Anagen), twenty percent in the Telogen phase (fall), with few hairs during Catagen (Home).

The normal daily hair fall has a direct relation to the total number of hairs and duration of the Anagen phase.

The daily loss of hair varies among people, example: Imagine that a person has one hundred thousand hairs and anagen his last three years, means that every three years a person change all of your hair, with an average drop of one hundred wires per day.

The chemical composition of the hair:

  • Carbon - 45%
  • Hydrogen - 7%
  • Oxygen - 28%
  • Nitrogen - 15%
  • Sulfur - 5%

And other elements such as iron, copper, zinc, iodine, twenty different kinds of amino acids, proteins, lipids and water.

The hair fibers are connected together via amino acid Cystine, which causes the hair does not dissolve in water.

The hair is divided into two parts, the inner part located in the dermis, where there is the formation, growth and nutrition of the wire. Outside (visible) wire located in the epidermis that juts out giving the face frame.

If you need more information with images of hair loss and treatment of hair loss, visit our website. Also read info about popular remedy for alopecia - Propecia (Finasteride).

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