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Tips To Restore Your Crowning Glory

April 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 235

All of us like perfect-looking Rapunzel tresses that look impeccable. After all, lustrous shiny hair is symbolic of vitality and youth. Unfortunately, most of us are struggling with the problem of hair loss. In fact, premature hair loss is a growing concern. Men and women are both at a risk of losing hair. Loss of hair is likely to make people feel less attractive and under-confident. It is bound to make people self-conscious and awkward. The condition is embarrassing to say the least. It can erode your self-esteem and affect you physically and emotionally. When you lose hair, you also tend to lose your confidence. Severe hair loss is also known to cause depression in men and women.

Thinning hair is definitely a cause for worry. If left untreated, the condition can get from bad to worse. Hormonal imbalance, thyroid dysfunction, crash dieting and stress are some of the most common reasons for hair loss. Birth control pills are also known to cause considerable damage to hair. Pregnant women are also vulnerable to hair loss. Use of substandard hair care products is also one of the major reasons behind thinning hair. Don't let that receding hair line get the best of you! Keep the below mentioned pointers in mind to avoid further loss.

Find ways to de-stress yourself - Stress is one of the major causes for thinning hair. Don't lose sleep over petty issues. De-stress yourself by taking timely vacations, by doing things that you love, by indulging in your hobbies, etc.

Re-evaluate your diet - Have you been bingeing on junk foods? Are you getting enough nutrients and essential vitamins? Move over pizzas and pastas, embrace healthier food choices. Add carrots, green peas, oats and eggs to your diet to improve scalp nourishment.

Get quality sleep - A peaceful night's sleep can work wonders! Get at least 7 hours of sleep to keep stress at bay! Sleep deprivation is one of the causes of thinning hair.

• Use good quality hair care products - What you apply to your hair can improve your texture or trigger hair fall. Avoid using cheap substandard products that can cause a great deal of damage to your hair.

• After shampoo liquids like Alpecin can prevent loss of hair. It keeps the hair roots active without causing any side effects whatsoever. What's more, it enhances the process of hair growth. Fret not, hair loss is not a life-threatening condition, your hair will grow back.

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