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Finest Hair Loss Solutions

February 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 154

Exercising your scalp is the key to stimulating new hair growth and restoring circulation. This is one of the finest hair loss solutions. Below are some tips that have worked for me and others. Of course, some lubricant is always needed for keeping irritation from happening, and if the oil used is one of those that promote hair restoration, so much the better.

This exercise isn't for everyone, so be careful while doing it. If possible, stand on your head, and hold that position for about a minute each day. The increased blood flow and oxygen stimulate your scalp and assist in hair restoration and growth. It is an advance hair loss solution meant for different individuals Oil treatment is highly essential. Mix six drops of bay oil and six drops of lavender oil into four ounces of sesame oil. Use as a scalp massage.

Yanking is also one of the well-known hair loss solution. As you towel your hair dry, grab a section of your hair and give it a firm but non-painful yank, working your way in this fashion over your entire scalp. This stimulates your scalp and strengthens the hair roots. Gently knock all over your scalp with the knuckles of both hands to stimulate it.

The dermal hammer is a tool used by acupuncturist. The head of the hammer is covered with blunt needles that stimulate but do not injure the skin. When tapped on the scalp's thinning areas, it restores circulation and the flow of vital energy to affected areas; you can achieve much the same result by doing several things.

Below are additional hair loss solutions.

Dried Indian gooseberry can be boiled in coconut oil and then mixed in equal portions with lime juice. Use it as a shampoo to stimulate hair growth.

Thirty drops of red clover tops liquid extract can be added to eight ounces of distilled water for a daily restorative drink.

Sage tea and apple cider vinegar can be combined in equal amounts and poured into a bottle for an excellent rinse.

Cayenne pepper/apple cider vinegar salve is made with one-and-a-half tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with a half teaspoon of powdered cayenne pepper, apply the combination into your scalp for about an hour before you shampoo. Be careful not to get it in your eyes! This worked well for me. If you have particularly dry hair, use vodka instead of cider vinegar.

In conclusion, waste no time. These hair loss solutions are the best and effective treatment for the restoration of your hair; you will be surprise with the result after the usage of these hair solutions.

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