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Picking Out A Gymnastics Leotard - The Right Ones

December 19, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 175

Gymnastics, when compared to other sports, demands a lot of strength from the athletes and the athletes that show the highest amount of flexibility and agility are usually the best at this form of sport. There are countless hours of training and rehearsals in the case of gymnastics and it is also necessary that the contestant is wearing the right kind of dress or costume so that the movements are deemed easy and manageable. The attire should be comfortable and must not restrict or constrict the movements of the gymnast. It should complement the movements.

The gymnastics leotard got its name from Jules Leotard, a French gymnast, who introduced this attire in the 19th century. At the time when he used that attire, it was not called leotard but "maillot." People thought that he wore the maillot to exhibit his body and muscles. However, the truth was that the maillot enabled Jules to move freely and execute his gymnastic moves in a much flexible manner. The leotard was a one piece outfit and it covered all the necessary parts of the body. The leotard has evolved over the years and now these are available in various colors and designs.

The leotard is a very important wardrobe requirement for a gymnast and there are various options available to the gymnast as far as the color and kind of fabric the leotard is made of. Most of these leotards are made from stretchable Lycra or a velvet velour. The attire would even have some crystals and glitter added to the fabric.

If one looks from a gymnast's perspective, it is not just about the cloth but also the fitting of the attire that really matters and accentuates the final performance. The fabric chosen should be smooth and comfortable. Scratchy attire can hinder the body movements and can also create scratch marks on the body. The attire chosen should have the capacity to absorb sweat and perspiration. A gymnast would sweat a lot during her performance as there is lot of physical activity involved. If the cloth cannot absorb the sweat, then it can be really very uncomfortable. The feeling of dampness can also make the athlete very insecure. The fit of the attire should be perfect. As the performances require various movements, the attire chosen should not be very tight and it must not be saggy at the same time. A perfect balance between the two must be achieved. Most of the companies that sell gymnastics leotards would give guidance on the sizes and shapes of the attire to the buyer. Sleeves are another important aspect here and most of the gymnasts do not like to wear attires that come with sleeves. But it also depends on the seasons. During hotter climates, sleeveless leotards are preferred. And during winters, long sleeves are preferred the most.

The other thing that must be kept in mind when picking out a gymnastics leotard is that just one leotard is not good enough and one must have at least a pair in her wardrobe. These leotards can be expensive but that does not mean that one should use someone else's leotard. It is always better to have your own leotards and these leotards must be washed properly before wearing them. The number of leotards that one has should depend on the frequency of one's visit to a gym. If the athlete visits the gym four times in week, then she should have at least four leotards.

During the performance time, the gymnast has to be at her best. She should feel and look good. She must be giving full attention to her performance and not worry about the gymnastics leotards fittings and size. A leotard that is well-designed, durable and made from quality fabrics would ensure that the gymnast stands out of the crowd during his performance. There are many color options as well with leotards and one can experiment with those colors so they do not look boring and one-dimensional.

Ann Camelon is a stay-at-home-mom of 4 children who enjoys researching and writing as a hobby.

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