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How to Survive An Emotional Crisis

February 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 78

Falling Headlong Into An Emotional Crisis

With so much talk about Law of Attraction, little room is given to the real fact that anyone, at anytime can fall headlong into an emotional crisis.

The love of your life can leave you, you can lose your job, your house and all your savings. Your child can die, you can find yourself in an abusive relationship, you can fall out with a friend, and this is not your fault. This is just life.

Sometimes set backs and knocks can have us slipping into an emotional crisis without us being aware of the causes. It just seems that one day we wake up, and we have hit rock bottom.

A Personal Experience

A few years ago I was faced with a number of challenges that had me spinning of into emotional turmoil.

I was trying to handle it without any plan or strategy. I was over emotional, reactive, teary, couldn't sleep and my head was spinning with worry and anxiety. When I needed my friends the most I was snapping at them. I was handling it but at the same time wasn't. I kept up a professional front, but in truth I was drowning.

It was in the middle of the winter and one day I walked outside in -10 C, slipped on the ice and hit my head really hard. I ended up with a concussion.

The bang to my head made me realize how low I had got. I also realized that if I was going to fix this, I had to fix it alone.

One by one I began to self apply the strategies I had been using with clients.

In this article I share Ten Strategies to Survive an Emotional Crisis that helped me get my life back.

Ten Strategies to Survive an Emotional Crisis

1. Create a Space for your Recovery. Let it take time. I cancelled all clients, and all appointments and made the space just for me. I stopped trying to keep it together and admitted "defeat" in a way. This was really a smart move because it gave me time to really reflect. I am convinced that if I had not applied this step I wouldn't have survived.

2. Don't be a Victim. Don't play small, don't pretend you are weak. You are special and wonderful and strong. You are going through a tough time, but you are not a victim. I realized that my strength was still there within. By acting the victim I had given away all my power. I had ended up waiting for the other person to change, to say they are sorry, for the situation to change, for some miracle. With the bang to my head enough was enough. I started to make decisions, and my first decision was No - I am recovering and I shall do nothing.

2. Disassociate Yourself. This is a mental process, that can take a little time to master. Create a good environment with some scented candles and restful music. Then remove yourself mentally out of your body and of your situation and rise up above it. Like an eagle of power, fly higher and higher, see yourself in the situation way down below.Look at it so small way down there. Look at your past stretched out in one direction, all the wonderful things you have been part of. Revel in that. Look at your future stretched out in another and the wonderful things you have yet to experience. See how small the situation is in this bigger picture of your life. See how it will soon pass and you will feel happy, free and back on track again.

3. Know Your Two Spheres. You have two spheres. One is a sphere of control. This is small around you. The other is a sphere of concern. This is what you care about but cannot control and is larger than the sphere of control. Pull back your energies into your sphere of control and act only within this sphere. Look at what you can directly influence to make you feel better right here and right now. Play some good music, make yourself a nice meal, relax, speak to a friend who cares about you.

4. You are Special to this World. Accept your pain and turmoil with compassion. Don't try to run away from it. This is your truth now. As you face that which is true for you know, the hurt and upset will fade.

5. Create Positive Routines. Go to bed in good time. Get up in good time. Go for one or two walks a day. Exercise consistently. Don't drink, don't take drugs and don't have one night stands. The first behaviours will strengthen you emotionally. The second will weaken you. Once you are strong you can party again.

6. Help Someone Worse Off. Listen to their life stories, get involved in their problems. Help them. This takes you out of yourself and gives you a different perspective. Working on the Domestic Violence Crisis Helpline I heard many harrowing human destinies and my compassion and desire to help these women overtook any self victimisation. By helping others you will see that your problem is just a bit of your world, not all of it.

7. Ask Yourself - How Is This Situation Serving Me? Write an ongoing list of ways in which the situation is serving you. Keep adding to it. Facing the situation and the truth within it, freed me from guilt and worry. And it helped me to move on.

8. Accept Friendships. Open up to people who care about you, and allow yourself to see and feel their care and love for you. Everybody goes through tough times at different points in their lives. Tell them you are struggling to cope.

9. Be Mindful of the "Truth"In my case, I could have come to the conclusion that I was totally alone. But I learnt that I had to face this myself, nobody else would face it for me. That with a strategy and a plan even the hardest emotional circumstances can be overcome, and that inside I had the strength and resources to handle it.

10. Find Someone to Talk to. This can be a therapist, coach or a friend. Be mindful of whom you choose and make sure it is someone who handles you with care and compassion and who will help you become empowered again. Unfortunately too much of the therapy available today keeps you in victim mode. Make sure the person is capable of helping you move on.

If you want to talk about any of these issues please feel free to email Nina Madden for a callback.

Nina Madden is a Therapist and Personal Life Coach. She works with smart and passionate people who are going through tough times and helps them feel free happy and on purpose again.

She is London based, but also does a lot of her work with international with Skype Video calling.

For help with any of these issues visit

For Skype Video Coaching anywhere in the world visit

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