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3 Things to Do When You Are Feeling Low

April 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 84

We all know the mood we call "feeling low." We may feel low because we lack confidence we can do something, or because we received bad news, maybe we're disappointed with life in general. Feeling low can be due to physical issues such as sleep deprivation or vitamin depletion. It can be an event in our lives which has lingering effects on us-e.g., a death, a breakup, or a job loss. Feeling low can be a form of chronic depression. Whatever the causes for feeling low, it is a muted state and calls for an infusion of energy.

1. Listen to Music. Music is an instant mood changer. (a) We might go straight to some upbeat music-it's hard to stay "down" when melody and rhythm are picking us up. If the upbeat music is helping, get up and move to it. Dancing will shake out the blues, and catalyze positive energy. Dance freely-let yourself be goofy, dramatic, sexy. Shake your limbs and shimmy your torso. Your whole system will integrate positive energy as you express yourself through movement.

(b) But if that doesn't work, you might need sad music to help you cry first. Going into your low mood, and even intensifying the feeling, may purge you of it. Feeling low can be a form of depression, and depression tends to maintain itself when feelings remain unresolved. Crying releases hormones that help relieve negative emotions and allow positivity and hope to dawn fresh. Energy is then free to flow through us, revitalizing our attitude.

2. Lift your gaze. Look at the horizon. Look up at treetops. Go to a playground and get on a kiddie swing, or lie in a hammock so you can throw your head back and drink in the sky. Feeling low often results in looking downward. Become aware of whether you're staring down at the ground and lift your gaze. You will be surprised at how your mood improves instantly. There is a tendency to revert to looking down right away; often this goes along with slumped shoulders and a collapsed chest. Try to catch yourself when this happens and lift your gaze again and again and again. When you hold your head up, people relate to you more positively as well.

3. Be honest with yourself. What do you think you're feeling low about? What is the situation? Who are the other people involved? Are you upset with anyone, including yourself? Is there someone to blame? Are you feeling low about a long term issue, or is it a new event? Are you in the habit of feeling low, or is this an unusual mood for you? Write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Write letters to people which you don't plan to send-freely express your hurts, resentments, apologies, regrets or whatever is burdening you. If you are tempted to send the letter, let a day or two go by and then re-read it. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish by sending it, and consider whether this particular letter will bring you the results you want. Discuss it with someone you trust to be non-judgmental and fair.

Feeling low is a part of life. Listening to music, dancing, holding your head up, and being honest with yourself will go a long way to improving your mood. But if feeling low goes on for too long, and nothing seems to alleviate it, consider talking with a counselor to get help working through your issues. You deserve support in feeling good about yourself and your life, so push yourself to reach out and talk with someone.

© Amy Torres 2012

Amy Torres is a Gestalt psychotherapist, interfaith minister and spiritual teacher. She has developed the Language of Love, Harmony & Beauty which is a form of emotionally responsible communication, conflict negotiation, and a way of "undoing" our identification with the ego. For information on private sessions or workshops with Rev Torres, call 212-340-1201.

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