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Greyhound Betting Systems - You Will Lose Unless You Know

May 27, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 185

Greyhound betting strategies take years to perfect and my investment in time has been well worth it to develop my profitable systems.

I believe betting on greyhounds has several advantages over betting on horses.

Firstly, there are only six runners in a greyhound race. Horse races often have more than ten runners so if we follow a system where we analyse form there is a lot more to do and it takes longer.

In the United Kingdom races start mid-morning and go on all day and into the evening. This give us plenty of betting opportunities every day and lots of races to test our systems on.

Some of the key factors I consider when developing a greyhound betting system are as follows -

Greyhound form. Free statistics are readily available on the internet and these allow us to review some excellent information. For example, average track times over the past 5 races. If we do this for all runners in a race we can get a simple and yet very accurate view of which is the fastest.

Race grade. As with horse races, greyhound races have grades. If a dog is moving up or down grades this gives us some important clues. For example, if moving down grades is this because they have struggled at their previous grade? It also gives us warning signs. The dog may appear to be the strongest having won a string of races but it it's now moved up in grades it will be against stronger contenders and face stiffer competition.

The Trap. This for me personally is the best indicator. The two systems I use most regularly - Greyhound Lay Pro and Betfair Golden Traps - both depend on the race trap as the primary indicator. It's a fact that there are patterns of winning and losing traps and you can identify these easily and turn them to your advantage. This is also the case in horse racing and is key in small race fields and for short sprint races.

Combining the factors of form, race grade and trap it's possible to develop a very profitable greyhound betting system. Once you have this there are some other key principles you need to follow -

A professional approach. It's a fact that 98% of gamblers lose money over the medium to long term. They may be using a system which will make profits but i they change the filters and rules or chase losses it can become a losing system.

A betting bank. Of course you must never bet with money you can't afford to lose. But even more basic is the need to set aside a fund specifically for betting. I see this as an investment fund and that approach alone can change your mindset.

Discipline! This is similar to my first point. You must have the discipline to stick the a defined system and not adapt it before a good period of testing. I allow any new system at least six or seven months of testing before reviewing how to improve it. If we constantly alter our directions we won't make any progress.

Greyhound racing betting strategies have been very profitable for me and I suggest anyone explore further to see if they are right for you.

Not all greyhound betting strategies deliver profits. I am constantly testing new approaches. The best greyhound betting systems take years to develop and this has been a long quest for me!

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